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       There has been some speculation in this news group about the use of
       advanced weapons in   Panama,  in  this  news  group.  I  have  been
       investigating classified spending  at the Department of Defense (the
       so-called “black budget”)  and  have  found evidence  that  powerful
       microwaves were directed at people during the Reagan administration.
       I don’t have  all  my papers with me as I type this (some are loaned
       out to friends),  but I have seen  evidence  that  various  military
       agencies, particularly the U.S. Air Force, used the weapons to cause
       illness. For example,  they  were  used  on anti-nuclear  protesters
       opposed to cruise  missile  in  England.   (sorry,  I don’t have the
       report from “Electronics for Peace”  handy  right  now).  Here is an
       actual quote on  microwave  weapons,  taken  from “Final  Report  on
       Biotechnology Research Requirements for Aeronautical Systems through
       the Year 2000″,  U.S.  Air  Force technical report AFOSR-TR-82-0643,
       July 1982:

            A rapidly scanning RFR (radiofrequency  radiation) system could
            provide an effective stun or kill capability over a large area.
            System effectiveness  will  be a function of wave  form,  field
            intensity, pulse  widths,  repetition  frequency,  and  carrier
            frequency. The system can be  developed  using tissue and whole
            animal experimental  studies,  coupled  with   mechanisms   and
            waveforms effects research.

       Another military reference  can  be found in “Low Intensity Conflict
       and Modern Technology”,  a  document   issued   by  the  Center  for
       Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education (CADRE), Maxwell Air

                                      Page 1

       Force Base, 1986.   In   a  section  entitled  “The  Electromagnetic
       Spectrum in Low Intensity Conflict”, written by Capt. Paul E. Tyler,
       USN, one comment that is made is:

           The potential applications of  artificial electromagnetic fields
           are wide  ranging  and  can be used in many military  or  quasi-
           military situations.   Some  of  these  potentitial uses include
           dealing with  terrorist  groups,   crowd   control,  controlling
           breeches of    security    at   military   installations,    and
           antipersonnel techniques  in  tactical  warfare. In all of these
           cases the EM (electromagnetic)  systems would be used to produce
           mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion
           or disorientation.   In addition the ability of  individuals  to
           function could  be degraded to such a point they would be combat

       I don’t know what the Clinton administration  plans  to  do with the
       use of high power microwave weapons, although I saw  a magazine from
       the Ballistic Missile  Defense  Office  (formerly  the  SDI or “Star
       Wars” office) about commercializing  military  technology. In there,
       they suggest that high power microwaves can break down the CFCs that
       are damaging the ozone layer. I have a photocopy  of  this  article,
       but I forgot  to  write  down  the  reference.  It shows a microwave
       device that looks like a drum with  a  long  pipe  on  it,  made  by
       Physics International Co. of San Leandro, CA. They also believe that
       it could be  used to heat plasmas in nuclear fusion.  Interestingly,
       high power microwave  devices  are  no  longer  part  of the Defense
       Dept.’s Critical Technologies Plan  — I wonder what limitations the
       military found with these weapons?

       Paul McGinnis / [email protected]

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       Ron Barker found  a  videotape  called  “The Panama Deception” which
       shows interviews with victims and  citizens of Panama at the time of
       the US invasion.  They freely discuss unusual weapons that were used
       by American troops on Panamian citizens and troops.

       These weapons melted  the  tissue of the target much  like  a  hight
       intensity heat ray.   It  could  cut through a vehicle instantly and
       reports are that soldiers carrying  a rifle and targeted with such a
       weapon would melt as would their rifle.  The tape can be rented from
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