Details to Look Out with Dream Interpretation Part II

What do the places that appear in your dream mean? Does the animal that creeps into your slumber thoughts pertaining to you or someone you know? Can a dream tell you what direction you are heading in life? Some of these concepts are mentioned in this article, which takes a look at some of the themes and symbols that may appear in your next dream.

Places: Not all the places that appear in a dream are familiar to you, as some will be strange and unfamiliar. Dreaming of a house is quite common, and specific meanings are found in the details. Dreaming of a bedroom could signify rest and renewal of the body, while windows could indicate something to do with the eyes, as they are often described as ‘the windows of the soul.’  Let’s say you dream of an inn or hotel. Usually, the meaning is not as fortunate as you would like, as they often point to a loss of money. Sometimes, people interpret this feature of a dream as relating to infidelity or abandonment.

Animals: Animals are a common aspect of a dream that could refer to you or someone else in your life. Keep in mind whether or not the animal appears friendly or is threatening. Lions signify the King of the Beasts and are indicators of strength, desire, and pride. However, when the lion is wild , it signifies danger and the potential for prey to be devoured. Other animal interpretations include the owl for wisdom, toads for ugliness and deceit, and snakes for sexual power, healing, and deceit since some are poisonous.

Movement or Direction: When movement appears in a dream, it could indicate the direction that your life is taking. You could be moving up or down, as well as forwards or backwards. Doors could be opened or closed. Cups could be full or empty.  The wind may play an important role in your dream. If the wind seems healthy, then it could be a healthy sign of life. However, if the wind is strong (almost stormy), it could be an indication that an element in your life is out of control. Sometimes, the wind could be telling you that you are heading in the direction of disappointment.

Other details and symbols that could appear in a dream include:

Windows: An open window usually symbolizes safety and that you should have no fear of danger. When the window is closed, you may be in the midst of danger, but you are safe for the moment. If you are looking into a window from the outside, it could represent how you view the world.

Yellow: The color yellow suggests determination and mental power, but is also the color used to signify a coward.

Trees: When a tree appears dead or dying in your dream, it could indicate a change for the worse. If you are climbing a healthy tree in your dream, it could point to a recent achievement. Specific trees also have their own meaning. The elm is associated with disruption, loss, and possible money issues. The oak is a traditional symbol of strength and power. Willows often indicate sadness.