‘Devil’s Due’ Movie about Woman Having Satan’s Baby Still Proves the Concept Sells

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It all started with ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ a movie that people still associate Mia Farrow with, and has also inspired a handful of remakes to follow. As a young pregnant woman struggles to adjust to living in a new apartment, which seems to breed strange events around her and her unborn child. ‘Devil’s Due’ doesn’t leave much to the imagination. As the title suggests, a baby is about to be born, and it will have something to do with the Devil – proving that the concept of Satanic rituals, the Devil being reborn, and other concepts of Satanism are still attractive to the movie-going public.

‘Devil’s Due’ will hit the theaters on January 17, 2013, and will bring a dark and evil theme to the silver screen. The plot of the horror film centers on a married couple, who while partying on their honeymoon – find themselves lost and not completely aware of what happened one night. The newlyweds later learn that they have become pregnant earlier than either one of them had planned. Could it have had something to do with the candlelit ritual that they had been exposed to during their trip?

As soon-to-be parents typically do, the couple decide to record the progression of the pregnancy. As time passes, the husband begins to notice that his wife is displaying strange habits and new behaviors that he initially believes has something to do with being pregnant. However, months pass and he no longer feels that his wife is experiencing some of the normal responses that come with carrying a child. She acts increasingly erratic. He is then convinced that the physical and mental changes that his wife is exhibiting are nothing normal, and is indeed the handiwork of a more sinister presence in her life.

In other Satanic movie news, it is reported that Radha Mitchell has signed on to star in what is being dubbed “a Satanic cult movie.” The thriller is aptly titled ‘Sacrifice,’ and sees Mitchell playing a consultant surgeon who is experiencing a hard time having a baby with her husband. In the movie, Mitchell’s character happens upon the body of a mutilated woman, which leads her to discover something quite shocking where they live. All around her, people attempt to get Mitchell to abandon her concerns and forget about what she saw, including her boss, the local police, and even her husband.

However, Mitchell becomes somewhat obsessed with the woman’s death, as the body had been newly killed in what is revealed to have been within a few days after bearing a child. Another fact about the woman’s death is that her heart had been cut out. All of these details lead Mitchell’s character to explore the incident further, especially since her occupation is of an obstetrician.

‘Devil’s Due’ is already being compared to ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ as the two concepts are linked by the presence of a Satanic cloud hanging overhead the main characters, and the fact that the babies have some sort of evil connection to the Devil definitely has something to do with it. In the end, everyone knows that the story does not end well, and the crowds will still flock to this disturbing form of entertainment.