Different Kinds of Vampires I

Vampires are known for their immortality. Books and movies portray the creatures as assuming endless identities and living through the centuries , adapting and changing with the times. In some circles, they are known by a more scientific name , Home Wampyrus. There are different classifications to note, as mentioned in this article.

Homo Wampyrus Draco

The most well-known type of vampire is called the Homo Wampyrus Draco. This is the kind of vampire that appears in tales told by Bram Stoker. They mostly lead the life of a count and emerge in many different accounts from around the world , from North America to the western part of Europe. The appearance of the vampires is closest to humans. It is rare that people would notice that they have retractable canine teeth in their upper jaws. Their tolerance to light is medium to poor, and will die if they are exposed to a couple of hours of direct sunlight. The Homo Wampyrus Draco socializes well with humans and often takes jobs at night in their presence.

The Draco variety often gets their fill of blood with the help of willing participant who think they are dealing with mortal blood drinkers. However, when they place fear in the hearts of humans, they enjoy a boost in adrenaline that makes taking blood by force a pleasurable adventure. This kind of vampire is shown in movies, such as ‘Blade’ and ‘The Lost Boys.’ They often recruit humans to further their cause because they make life as a vampire as being fun. Some humans will do anything for the chance to become a vampire after ‘helping’, ‘serving’ or ‘proving themselves’.

Homo Wampyrus Chiroptera

Considered the rarest type of vampire, Homo Wampyrus Chiroptera is the ‘bat’ vampire, where they are mostly found in Africa, New Zealand and South America. The majority of the population were also found dwelling in China and India. The vampires look quite human, but have slightly pointy ears. Some of the creatures feature a lantern jaw. They can mix in the social setting of humans, but avoid crowds. Out of all the vampire types, it is said that this kind is the most sensitive to sunlight. When in the sun for a period of time, they develop blisters and pain. The vampires have the ability to shift into other shapes and change into the iconic vampire bats. This transformation occurs when certain conditions are in place, such as racial background, length of time being a vampire, and eating the right food.

What is a Mortal Vampire?

A mortal vampire is one who is fascinated with drinking blood and adopting the lifestyle of what they believe a vampire to be. They may drink blood because they believe they are a vampire or feel sexually excited when they engage in the typical behaviors. Many people with this fascination will buy blood from blood banks in states that allow such a practice or seek willing “donors” to live out their vampiric lifestyle.