Different Kinds of Vampires II

Not all vampires look as similar to humans as the ones you see in popular films. Some display deformities that keep them out of public view. Others have the characteristics of other creatures. In this article, you are introduced to a couple of types of vampires that do not look like the Dracula you are used to seeing.

Homo Wampyrus Nosferatu

Some vampires do not look like humans, but are ‘deformed’ in appearance. The Homo Wampyrus Nosferatu variety was highlighted in the movie called “Nosferatu,” which debuted in 1922. Transforming into this type of a vampire is not a smooth one. Their immune system has fought the virus associated with vampirism and as a result, the virus mutates to survive. Because of this, the vampire is disfigured with unpleasant physical characteristics. Their head is usually high and domed in shape. They are bald with a visible system of veins. Their face is long and thin , drawn in with deep creases. The eyes sink in the head and they have large, pointy ears. The nose turns upwards and reveals their nostrils.

On the hands of the vampire, there are long, tapered fingers with discolored nails. The twisted features of their body extend to their spine. They must stand with a hunch to avoid pain. Straightening out the back is extremely painful and could cause a slipped disc. Their physical appearance leads them to live a life that is often separate from humans, as well as other vampires. Farm animals, small children and sleeping humans are the source of blood for the Homo Wampyrus Nosferatu. Accounts of this type of vampire have appeared in Africa, South Africa, the Caribbean, and Japan. In Puerto Rico, the Chupacabras they speak of are thought to be a form of the Nosferatu vampire.

Homo Wampyrus Sauria

With reptilian or lizard-like features, the Homo Wampyrus Sauria is a type of vampire that possesses teeth with sharp points that are quite similar to large lizards. They are considered to be the most social out of the most popular types of vampire , probably because they can take exposure to sunlight for extended periods of time. Some can stay in the sun for a great deal of time when slathered in sunscreen or wearing sunglasses. Their appearance is rather similar to that of a human with the exception of their teeth.

In the past, it is said that the Sauria use horrifying methods to attack their victim when they feed, such as ripping away large pieces of flesh. They often go after the upper arm, thigh, or throat. As they eat the flesh, they drink the blood that spills from the leaking wound until the victim dies. Nowadays, this rarely occurs, as they now purchase blood or use willing donors that are cut with razors instead of ripped apart using their teeth.