Different Types of Dreams Part II

Have you ever dreamt that you drove off of a cliff and then woke up with a feeling that you have fallen out of the bed? Have you ever had a dream that illustrated the details of a tragic event? When we fall asleep, there are many different dreams that we may experience. In this article, you will learn the differences between a few, such as semi-conscious dreams and precognitive dreams.

Semi-Conscious Dreams

Have you ever dreamed that you were falling only to wake up and have some sort of memory of the event? This is the type of dream is categorized as being semi-conscious. The dreams are often strange, without any logic, or something that creeps into your mind on more than one occasion. It is not uncommon for the topic of the dream to have a link to a personal issue, fantasy or a belief. When we awaken, most of the dream is lost in the sub-conscious mind, but sometimes, details emerge that stick in your head.

Waking Dreams

Dreams can also occur when you are alert and conscious. In this case, you aren’t aware that you are dreaming and it only becomes apparent when you fully wake up. An example of this type of dream is when you are waking up, stretching, and turning off the alarm clock only to find that you hadn’t awakened at all and it was just a dream. Your typical daily pattern often emerges in these kinds of dreams early in the morning. Your waking-consciousness is caught somewhere between lucid dreaming and semi-conscious dreaming. It is the point where you could come up with your greatest creative work or help you solve problems that distractions in the waking world make it difficult to accomplish.

Precognitive Dreams

Logic and rational thinking are no longer an issue when you have entered a precognitive dream state. If you have experienced precognition, then you have become knowledgeable about an event that will take place in the future before it has even unfolded. Not everyone is able to remember the details of such a dream and when they do, the details can be a bit hazy. Some people awaken to have a complete memory of the dream, but as more time fades , so do the details. These kinds of dreams are random and spontaneous , you cannot control them. An example of this kind of dream is when someone sees the death of a loved one, a car crash, or natural disaster taking place in a different country.

Warning Dreams

Sometimes, you will have a dream that serves as a warning. If you are able to harness such a dream, you could possibly avoid danger or other problems that may lie in your path. The dreams equip you with a prior knowledge of impending “doom” so that you may put an end to its possibilities.