Different Types of Dreams Part III

Some dreams can serving as a warning, while others may return night after night , which is up to you to decipher the reason behind the reoccurrence. Not all dreams are pleasant and when they pray on your deepest fears, you wind up having a nightmare. In this article, you will learn about dreams that can help you make decision in your waking life.

Prophetic and Recurring Dreams

Psychic dreams involve a peak into the future and are broken into two different types , prophetic and recurring. A prophetic dream allows the dreamer access to a glimpse into the future. This is the kind of dream you will want to make a note of as soon as you wake up because the interpretation could prove beneficial. Also, the dream doesn’t have to come from you , it could come from a close friend or family member. When someone says that they had a dream about you, don’t be afraid to ask about the details. Sometimes, it is nothing or pretty silly, but other times, it could turn out to be important.

A recurring dream is one that emerges on a repeated basis. This type of dream always plays out the same theme or series of events. A recurring dream could reveal a psychological or emotional source to the details. It is often your subconscious mind telling you that there is a fear, issue or something bothering you that you need to take a closer look at.


When a good dream turns bad, it’s often called a nightmare. The contents of such dreams place fear into the mind. The “meat” of these kinds of dreams is found within the many layers of fears that have been stored in your consciousness. A demon may appear. You could see the monster in a horror film you saw last week.  Dark thoughts can come to the forefront of your mind. Murder and mayhem could become unleashed during your slumber. You could encounter some of your deepest fears when having a nightmare. When you are experiencing a nightmare, you react in one of two ways , fight or flee.

Inspiration Dreams

Whether you are worrying about something in your life or undergoing a personal tragedy, an inspiration dream could offer a solution to your problem. Some people receive the insight needed to deal with their issues. When you awaken from this kind of dream, you often feel refreshed and with pleasant thoughts about whatever you have to deal with.

Visitation Dreams

Our dreams are also viewed as a gateway to the past and those that we have lost, such as deceased loved ones. It is said that the deceased can visit us when we are sleeping and in a dream state. The subconscious becomes more open to receiving messages from the other side when we are asleep.

However, it is difficult to differentiate between a dream that involves a dead loved one or a visitation. Dreams are something that you will remember when you first wake up. As more time passes, the memory of events will increasingly vanish. By the end of the day, you will have little to no memory of the dream. But, with a visitation, a soul or spirit that visits can stick with you for a day up to weeks and months. The details are described as quite vivid. The possibility of experiencing a visitation from a deceased loved one increases during the holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.