Dimensional physics

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In one section, The dimensions we live in

The dimensions that I describe were described by the superstring theory, that may allow us to understand the dimensions better some day in mathematical form. This is the breakdown of them as I understand it. Dimensions are actually living states that people, of many kinds percieve and these states are best described as area of vibrational harmony. Each higher dimension has a higher vibration of life. Call this the harmonies of life.

Theres lots of protected subdimensions like the gateway dimension between the 3rd and 4th which is guarded by grim reapers, taking you to a sub dimension below the 3rd, commonly known as hell if you try to get to the 4th dimension because of unjust purposes, given by Caz. http://www.av1611.org/hell.html describes hell accurately. The quarterman dimension is the adventure land of which dnd and other games ae computer games sometimes model. Any character can be found here even if created by summoning ritual or described in books. This plane is considered as protected from intruders and visitors with others visiting here by magical workmen or time wraithes with support by local policy. Quite simply, the only way in is through any game including rpg. The game world looks similiar to location being played in or as described and with similiar physics, so treat the world like a game and your in another reality, so just mention a place in the dimension and your shifting. The torments vary to distinct cause and how much area force is around. So feel yourself shift while playing the game or watching, and your the character that you looked at or thought on. Any problem is instantly known from getting to the area or thinking about it.

The next section, What dimensional physics are, the dimensions and the aspects of them, including how to travel them. Its in my belief, void empowers all and contains the dreamworld, where all things are possible, known as root 0 and looks like a black circle. Then there

are root worlds represented by 360 arc degrees, supported by void and in the picture represented by the grey spheres. These arc degrees have arc tangents, 180, that represent alternatives from the root world. These alternatives, each start at a different point in history, farther back. As in, the root world, is the future. Each arc tangent, is 5 minutes back. They look like arced out lines from the void. Each arc tangent has different thema event associations, Thema events are compatible but different idea similiar to one another. Making different reality arc tangents, with each arc tangent to be a different world or plane, with a language variation of similiar languages, and this makes the language mean different things, even if sounding similiar. With the different thema, theres a different viewpoint, with each viewpoint alien from the other. Each arc has a parallel universe or negative world that is opposite and goes backward, 180 negative arcs, they look like the other half of the arced lines, to make a complete loop.

The descriptions are all here in the full document at http://www.moisant-silo.us/metoweb/dimensional_physic.htm