Discovering Herbal Remedies: The Tomato

If it weren’t for Spanish conquistadors, the tomato would have taken longer to become a staple throughout Europe, as the versatile food was introduced during the 15th century by way of Peru. At first, tomatoes were referred to as “pomodoros,” which translated into “golden apples.” This was a term that came from the Italians. Britain received their first taste of tomatoes through France during the 1700s. Below you will learn about some of the healing properties and remedies associated with the tomato.


In the beginning, it took a lot of warming up to the tomato, as many early inhabitants believed the fruits of the plant were poisonous because the flowers looked close to the deadly nightshade plant. The tomato is cold and possesses a sour or sweet taste , depending on the time of year and kind that you sink your teeth into. The tomato is comprised of many different vitamins, including A, B1, B2, B6, C, and E. Additional components include folic acid, malic acid, citric acid, bioflavanoids, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.


When used as a natural remedy, the tomato produces antimicrobial, diuretic, and anti-scorbutic properties, which means the tomato fights against scurvy. It is used as a mild laxative in some cases and can stimulate the digestive system. The tomato is also known to lessen the amount of acidity in the blood. It is the fresh fruit and the juice of the tomato that is used to create natural remedies.


Fresh Fruit


The fruit of the tomato is filled with nutrients, where 100 grams gives people their necessary intake of vitamins A, B1, and C. Folic acid recommendations are also satisfied. Tomatoes contain rutin, which is known to assist in the strengthening of capillaries. Researchers in the United States believe that men who eat at least ten servings of tomatoes on a weekly basis can possibly reduce their chances of developing prostate cancer. Studies have shown a 45% reduction is possible. It is thought that the carotene and lycopene contained in the tomato works to combat the formation of tumors, as well as lessen the risk of suffering heart disease. One study assessed that the fruit could decrease the incidence by 50%.


When using the fruit as an herbal treatment, a fresh tomato eaten helps sooth the symptoms of rheumatism, arthritis, and gout. The tomato plant helps clear uric acid and other toxins out of the body. The cooked tomato is often seen in pasta sauces, casseroles, and stews, which work to prevent prostate cancer and heart disease. When cooking the fruit, the lycopene in the tomato is awakened, which make all the rest of essential nutrients much easier to absorb.


Tomato Juice


When drinking tomato juice before a meal, it can stimulate the appetite in those who have trouble settling down to enjoy a good dish. It is known that tomatoes can stimulate digestion, especially when it comes to the pancreas. Tomato juice makes a great tonic that fights illness. Some people have even used the tomato to create an effective remedy for treating acne.


When making herbal treatments using tomato juice, you can mix ½ cup with 50 milliliters of vodka or another strong liquor. Shake the ingredients well and you will have created a decent lotion that helps prevent the development of unsightly acne. It is suggested to drink three glasses of tomato juice each day to restore the body’s system when one is battling illness.