Disrupted Burials , Celebrity Criminal Disinterment

When it comes to the dead bodies of well know figures and celebrities, some people just don’t want to believe that they are gone or want concrete proof of the deceased. In this article, you will encounter the exhumed stories regarding a famous outlaw and infamous assassin.

Lee Harvey Oswald

When it comes to the death of John F Kennedy and his assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, many conspiracy theorists enjoy mulling over the details. Some theories included whether or not Oswald was the one that actually killed the former President, as well as if Oswald was truly killed when he was en route to another jail location. Michael Eddowes believes that there was a deep cover that took place before Oswald was even transferred. He felt that a Soviet spy had taken the place of the assassin and when the shooting took place that supposedly killed Oswald , it was actually the spy that was killed.

As Eddowes pursued his theory, he gained the consent of Oswald’s widow to have the body exhumed in 1981. However, when they opened the casket, they found that something had leaked inside. A lot of damage had settled in, which hindered the process of identifying the body to Eddowes’ satisfaction. Investigators used dental records to give a positive ID of the body. Eddowes was not pleased with the results because he felt there were too many physical discrepancies between the body that was exhumed and Oswald. Despite the findings after the casket was opened, Eddowes still held onto his Soviet Spy Theory.

Jesse James

Close to the end of Jesse James’ criminal days, the outlaw who terrorized the Wild West and ran the James-Younger Gang, found that his followers had dwindled in size. Little did he know, a snake was in his midst in the name of Robert Ford. He eventually killed James so that he could collect on the bounty on his head. With this act, Ford thought that he would gain a name for himself for killing such a feared man. Ford publicly announced that he killed James and did not slow to tell his tale. However, there were still rumors that James had faked his own death.

The body was positively identified as belonging to Jesse James after certain physical characteristics were brought to light. However, a man named J. Frank Dalton put a kink in the memory of the outlaw. During the late 1940s, he claimed that he was the real Jesse James. Many years later, the body of James was exhumed and DNA testing proved that the identification of the dead body was correct. Despite these findings, some people still believed that Dalton was the real James and when in 2000, a permit was issued so that his body would be exhumed.