DNA Communicates ‘Telepathically’

Scientists have concluded, after much research, that DNA actually has the ability to transmit and receive data over a distance with no quantifiable communication taking place.  They are finding that DNA will actually reorganize itself based on a sort of psychic phenomena that is baffling the scientific community.

In a series of controlled experiments, scientists placed strands of DNA tagged with fluorescent properties in water with no debris, protein, or any element that could interfere with the results.  They then observed, and the results were mind-boggling.  Somehow the strands with identical nucleotides (DNA and/or RNA) were clumping and collecting together twice as often as those with fewer identical properties.  When examined closely, there was no discernable reason these sequences should be gathering like this,“Amazingly, the forces responsible for the sequence recognition can reach across more than one nanometer of water separating the surfaces of the nearest neighbor DNA,” said the authors Geoff S. Baldwin, John M. Seddon, Sergey Leikin, and Alexei A. Kornyshev in an article to ACS’ Journal of Physical Chemistry.  Incredibly, this could be yet another scientifically quantifiable indicator of the existence of psychic phenomena.  

But do strands of DNA actually think?  The answer remains as blurry as the definition of the word ‘think.’  DNA works as a computer part in a vast machine, but in its own way it is also an organic compound and can display qualities that could seem quite sentient, if we allow ourselves the luxury of anthropomorphic fallacy.  In other words, the answer is unclear.

But one thing is clear, the efficiency of homologous recombination of genes is very important, as it is a very integral part of who we are.  Or, as many would argue, half of who we are.  Things such as genetic birth defects are often largely effected by the inability for the simplest communication by DNA strands.  This is also essentially what cancer is, the uncontrolled division of cells based on faulty data in rogue cells.  In other words, the cure for cancer may be one step closer to a reality, and the answer amazingly might have something to do with Psychic phenomena.  It is also a possible answer to the fountain of youth, and myriad other health issues.

Does this provide credence to the idea of faith and psychic healers?  It would seem we may eventually find this to be true.  Did our ancestors know something about the basic makeup of our bodies that we have been ignoring in recent generations?  In the eastern practice of reiki (literally “mysterious atmosphere” or “spiritual power”) there is described a powerful aura or force around the body which allows the body to communicate with itself more effectively as well as heal infirmities and stimulate proper growth and development.  Mikao Usui, who developed the practice of Reiki, may not have known the specifics of DNA, but he may have held the secret to this intercellular communication.  Could it be through this energy field in the body that cells can communicate over distances previously thought impossible?  There are, after-all, several stories of seemingly miraculous regeneration throughout history.  It stands to reason that there would be a sort of ethereal “DNA internet” through which cells could keep track of location and allow for better cohesion of growth.  Does this suggest that these energy practices will soon be accepted by an over-taxed medical industry?  Only time will tell.