Do The Rejected Apollo 17 Patches Prove Moon Anomalies?

The Apollo 17 flight to Taurus Littrow official insignia was not the first
(or even the second) submitted graphic for NASA’s approval. Apollo 17, Jack
Shmidtt, submitted two previous patch designs which were rejected by NASA
because may contained suggestive graphics which NASA was not prepared to

Below you can see images of the first two submitted patches which were
rejected by NASA. They all contain anomalous structures which resemble the
Stonehenge. But it is sad that these patch designs do not depict the Stonehenge,
but man-made structures that are present on the lunar surface.

Upon our observations, we think the patches may indeed represent the Stone Henge and portray possible correlations between the mysterious Stone Henge and the moon.

Official Apollo 17 Flight To Taurus Littrow Patch

Two Rejected Patch Designs With Possible Moon Anomalies

If theories are correct about the first two patches representing intelligent
structures on the moon, it leads us to believe that more astronauts than
previously thought not only know about extraterrestrial life, but want this
information to be released.

Many former astronauts, such as Edgar Mitchell, had came forward or spoken
about extraterrestrial life, but to this day, NASA still claims” they do
not investigate UFOs.”