Do We Need Drastic Measures to Save the World?

Across the globe, extreme climate changes are occurring and the results are frightening. Glaciers and other locations in the world are melting at a faster rate, so much so, that polar bears might not find a place in the future to thrive. Spring and summer have been coming earlier, disrupting the balance of nature, as we know it. Cities and countries that normally don’t receive as many heated days are basking in the temperature increase as global warming takes a stronghold.


The global warming problem has escalated to the point that researchers are trying to come up with ways to adjust the air, water, and sun properties of the world. It is their hope that they can use the natural elements to work against the effects of negative earth changes. How far will scientists go to save the world? After all, many have sided with conspiracy theories that the government tinkers with satellites in space to control the weather. What else can the scientists in the world come up with when it comes to putting their heads together and brainstorming a solution? For some, the current prospects seem outlandish.


Some of the ideas that have popped up in the heads of both established and up-and-coming scientists have included the establishment of huge artificial “trees” that have the ability to filter out the carbon dioxide within the air. Another scheme deals with a volcano that would have the capacity to eject sulfates into the atmosphere that reflect light. An even more mind-boggling concept takes millions and millions of flying saucers that would create a type of “solar shade” that could lower the temperature of the Earth.


Of course, scientists will tell you that these are all last resort ideas that would cost a great deal of money. A much easier said than done approach would take the entire population to execute, as residents across the world would have to cut back on the way they used both natural and non-natural resources. Some of the worst climate forecasts may come true if greenhouse gas emissions are not dealt with. Way back, we have been warned about the products we use and our actions that affect the ozone layer, earth, and world. How many times have you heard about our use of aerosol cans and refrigerator/air conditioner coolants?


The world has also been placed in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. While many ideas on how to deal with the problem have surfaced, these thoughts also threaten the state of the world. Not too mention, the enormous amount of money it will cost to take on these ideas is unimaginable , it could throw countries into a perpetual state of debt. One of the unfortunate consequences that may come out of the changes include an even drier Middle East, which could lead to unmanageable air pollution. This sort of pollution has the power to increase the numbers of respiratory illnesses to remarkable and startling heights.


Sadly, climate scientists, such as the climate analysis chief at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, have concluded that mankind has already damaged the Earth to the point of no return. To think that years and years of misuse could be undone with a few drastic alternatives is ridiculous. Yet, scientists are still researching the possibilities of such acts, such as the sulfate volcano idea. I guess in time, we will see what will happen to the world. It is a shame that while we get it together, nature continues to suffer.