Do You Believe in Old Wives Tales?

Just like superstitions, old wives tales have been twisted and passed down from generation to generation. They often come from your mother, who may scold you about not doing an unhealthy habit. She may or may not believe the cautionary words she spits out to you, but nonetheless, these are the type of warnings that stick with us, as we get older. So, which ones are old wives tales?


When it comes to cemeteries, there are plenty of superstitions and sayings attached to a visit to this somber final place of resting. The number of old wives tales regarding cemeteries and the deceased seem to never end. One of the most common tales pertaining to cemeteries include the one involving holding your breath as you drive past a graveyard or cemetery. It is said that if you don’t, you will breathe in the spirit of someone who has been recently buried there.


A variation of this tale deals with walking through a cemetery. If you happen to step on top of a grave, it is advised that you walk quickly from the scene while holding your breath. It is believed that if you breathe while walking on the grave of someone that you might inhale the spirit of whoever is buried underneath the grave. Unless the cemetery you are walking through is contaminated with toxic waste, no harm should come to you inhaling while visiting or walking past a grave.


While researching the old wives tales, I came upon one I’ve never heard of. Apparently, some parents have told their children that if they run around in bare feet, then they run the risk of catching worms. Now, I’ve heard catching a cold or even pneumonia, but not worms. There have been no conclusive evidence to suggest otherwise, but the tale is still passed on from one person to the next. The origin of this old wives tale is rather unknown, but in some circles, it seems to continue. While not wearing socks on your feet will not give you a case of worms, it certainly prevents the bottoms of your feet from becoming soiled.


The next time you are tempted to blow the head off of a dandelion, you should think twice. How long you live is also a main topic in old wives tales. An old wives tale deals with how many years of life you will have left after blowing the seeds from the head of the dandelion. Another old wives tale regarding greenery deals with cut flowers. By some, it is believed that if you bring cut flowers into the room of someone who is sick, then they will fall worse in health because the flowers will suck the oxygen out of the air. Just imagine how many people would mysteriously pass away if this old wives tale were true?