Do You Believe In the Existence of an Alternative 3 Agenda?

If catastrophic circumstances were to befall the world in the coming years, do you fear your status within society will play a role in your future survival? There is a growing anxiety that the people with the most influence, power and wealth will have a better chance of living through a major disaster or end-of-world tragedy because of alleged steps put into place to protect the ‘elite.’ That is the belief held by some, and verbalized by people like David Ambrose and Christopher Miles, who put the notion out there that the superpowers of the world have secretly banned together for decades to develop a secret space program for the elite.

Ambrose and Miles wrote the script for ‘Alternative 3’ ”“ a Science Report program that aired on June 20, 1977, and was simultaneously telecast in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Canada, and other countries across the globe. Although the program was presented as science fiction and not meant to be taken as fact, it brought important concepts to light. The program highlighted a theory centered on a supposed transportation agenda for the intellectual elite, where they are brought to bases established on the moon in case of a worldwide emergency. The plan goes on to further speculate that members of the ‘regular’ population will serve as slave labor ”“ who are responsible for helping to create a new world.

It is thought that this plan has been in the works for decades, where bases have already been constructed. Space travel between planets is believed to have become far more advanced than what the government and other parties reveal to the public. Another theory is that the United States and Russia have created a secret joint effort to hold monthly conferences that take place in a submarine located underneath the Arctic ice cap. The possibilities can quickly morph into the latest James Bond flick.

Supposedly, the superpowers took a good look at the future of Earth after World War II, and decided that the planet would not be able to sufficiently support life as we know it. To many, the strange changes in the climate had already become an indicator of potential things to come. Over time, influential scientists and politicians are thought to have formulated three possible solutions or alternatives for humankind:

”¢    The First Alternative ”“ All pollution must immediately come to an end. Blasting two large holes in the ozone layer will permit extra ultraviolet light to reach the earth. While this approach may gradually restore plant life and decrease pollution, millions of humans will most likely succumb to skin cancer.
”¢    The Second Alternative ”“ Start building underground cities for the elite, while billions of others die on the surface.
”¢    The Third Alternative ”“ Spaceships are constructed to transport the elite off of the planet so that they can survive on bases built on the moon and Mars. Everyone else is left on Earth to die.

Could it be possible that the superpowers sided with Alternative 3, and started to put plans in motion as a way to ensure that humanity would continue to thrive in case of a catastrophic event on Earth? Leaked information regarding the suppression of NASA astronaut reports regarding some of the strange things they said they saw on the moon makes matters even worse.

Some of the rumors centered on Alternative 3 also include the belief and fear that government agencies around the world have been kidnapping ‘regular’ people who are subsequently brainwashed into becoming the future labor for the elite. Was the Alternative 3 program that aired in 1977 intended to serve as a whistleblower for the antics of the government and the possibility that such a plan is already in place for the elite?