Do You Remember when the Lead Singer of Heavy Metal Band Korn, Spoke Out Against Illuminati?

If the Illuminati or people with a New World Order agenda do not exist, then why do celebrities and musicians right at the center of the entertainment industry have so much to say about it? When someone with a long-standing reputation in the music business steps forward to speak their mind about the Illuminati, it gives the ongoing struggle between believers and non-believers something to discuss. This is the case with Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of heavy metal band Korn, who spoke out not too long ago against the Illuminati, and what he had to say got people talking”¦

Jonathan Davis has been in the music world for a long time now. As the lead singer of the multi-platinum selling heavy metal band Korn, he’s seen his fair share of accolades in the business, including two Grammys and an assortment of successful albums. In an interview that appeared on Billboard.com, the rocker shed light on all the tracks of Korn’s album, ‘The Path of Totality,’ including one titled “Illuminati” (which features Excision and Downlink).

Davis mentions that the Illuminati is a ‘pet project’ of his, and states that he isn’t sure if they exist or not, but it’s a topic that intrigues him. He goes on to say that in his studies of the Illuminati, he acknowledges what their intended goal is (if they exist, he says), and notes that the people in control have an objective to repeatedly break down the people until they feel compelled to surrender to a One World government ”“ better known as the New World Order. He makes reference to the European Union, and fears that the North American Union is something that could become a reality, as he sees some of the things he reads about One-World governments already happening today.

In regards to the song featured on their tenth released album (‘The Path of Totality’ – 2011) called ‘Illuminati,’ Davis spoke on some of the things that influenced him to pen the lyrics, in which he expresses some of his political beliefs. The song showcases Davis’ opinion that the President is an ‘Illuminati puppet’ and that he believes the President is responsible for ‘dragging the country down to the worst it’s ever been.’

Some of the telling lyrics in the song include:

I can’t believe this happened
The fear starts to grab hold
Then anger starts to take over
I will not be controlled”

“Parasites, they run around
The culprits won’t be found
They lie behind this mask of wealth
They’re taking over now
Illuminati they hide”

While the concept of an Illuminati-controlled music industry (or world, for that matter) is nothing new, and others have certainly expressed their opinions before him ”“ hearing it from an experienced musician that is not undergoing legal troubles, drug problems, declining career, or mental breakdown”¦is something slightly different. Over the years, the ranting and opinions regarding the Illuminati seem to mostly come from people that appear ‘down on their luck,’ ‘disgruntled,’ guided by drug-fueled paranoia’ or seem as if they are blaming the Illuminati for a failed song, album or career.