Does Congress Know About the 2012 Apocalypse?

I just finished watching a short news clip that broadcasted on Fox news which
was dedicated towards the 2012 prophecies. The news clip was brief but it did
cover some interesting viewpoints that are worth examining. One such viewpoint
considered the possibility that the United States Congress already knows about
the upcoming 2012 events and are spending money accordingly.

The 2012 news clip goes on to say that Congress is spending so much without
worrying about how they are going to pay for it. Perhaps they already know that
they are not going to have to settle the bill because we only have a few more
years until the 2012 apocalyptic predictions manifest. Many will deny this
possibility because their common sense tells them that 2012 will not be the end
of humanity nor a time of change, but just another year.

Scientific advocates of the 2012 theories claim that Africa may be one of the
only places that does not enter an ice age and will not be covered in water.
There had even been a few cases of respected scientists who resigned from their
jobs to prepare for the upcoming 2012 events. But with every believer there is a
skeptic who will attempt to debunk any extraordinary claim.

If indeed the world was facing cataclysmic events in the year 2012, the
governments of the world would most likely avoid mentioning this information
because it would surely cause world panic and destroy whatever is left. Since it
is said that the governments do not have the technology or power to dodge the
bullet in 2012, perhaps they are preparing for the upcoming events to ensure
survival of the elitists. It seems the American government has their eye on
certain countries and areas and many of which are questionable. Maybe the
underlying point of all this world chaos being caused by America is to acquire
safe land which will ensure survival in 2012. But if the claim that Africa will
avoid catastrophe is true, why isn’t the United States directing its aim towards
that area?

Although still not proven, there is a good deal of evidence in support of the
apocalyptic 2012 theories. You may have noticed that many big spectacular
government projects are projected to take place in the year 2012 or after. The
USA plans to return to the moon and the year 2012 and Russia
is even showing interest in landing on the moon
after 2012. Sounds logical
to the average reader, but remember we hadn’t been to the moon in over 30 years.
The government’s stance was that there is nothing there for us to study (even
though it is 1/4 the size of the Earth). Why would we plan to go back to the
moon after staying away for 30 years?

Besides plans to go to the moon, it is mathematical fact that the sun cycle
peak will occur in 2012-2013. So far, predictions regarding the upcoming solar
maximum cycle have been totally wrong. Prior reports predicted that the 2012
solar maximum will be extremely active and surpass the strength of many previous
ones, but current news contradicts this by saying that they are now expecting a
relatively calm cycle. It is still unknown what the outcome of the solar maximum
peak will bring, but we do know that the sun is unusually inactive compared to
historical data. Perhaps this is the calm before the storm, or perhaps the sun
cycle will be weak and pass without mass disruption.

But even low amounts of sun cycle activity can cause trillions of dollars of
damage to communication satellites, power grids, and other electrical utilities.
There is going to be some impact from the upcoming 2012 solar maximum, but we
just don’t know exactly how much damage.

Despite all the efforts of the 2012 advocates and skeptics, no logical
conclusion can be declared on what exactly will happen. Perhaps this is for the
best because if the worlds population was aware of upcoming destruction, bills
would not be paid, foreclosure rates would bankrupt the financial institutions,
and martial law would run rampant. Afterall, would you be paying extra on your
mortgage principal if you knew the world was ending in three years?