Does MMA Fighter Benson Henderson Embrace Illuminati Symbolism?

When it comes to athletes associated with the Illuminati, mixed martial arts fighters (also known as MMA fighters) probably don’t make the top of the list. However, former UFC Lightweight Champion, and Ultimate Fighting Championship participant Benson Henderson has caught the eye of Illuminati watchers, who feel that the logo that represents his gym and symbolic hand gestures displayed by the fighter while inside of the ring and in public, hit too close to home.

Benson Henderson does not belong to Jay-Z’s ‘Roc-a-fella’ crew and is not affiliated in any way to the rapper, so one might ask themselves, why does it seem that the MMA fighter is constantly flashing what appears to be the ‘Roc’ hand gesture. Henderson has been photographed and seen on many different occasions making a triangle symbol with his hands, and whether he’s sending a message to a particular person (or the entire world), we can’t help but to wonder what it all means.

One theory is that the MMA fighter is giving a ‘shout out’ to the gym that he trains at, which is called ‘The Lab.’ If you take a look at the logo below for this mixed martial arts training center, you will notice something pretty familiar. The yellow symbol used to represent the ‘A’ in the word ‘LAB’ looks very much like a pyramid-like structure, and in some ways, is reminiscent of the symbol used to represent the all-seeing eye that is so famously linked to the Illuminati. This part of the logo also looks a lot like the all-seeing eye pyramid imagery found on the back of the one dollar bill.

Let’s say for argument’s sake that Henderson’s logo is a coincidence. Are we supposed to assume that a T-shirt shown below that incorporates the Lab logo is also a mere coincidence? Not only is the triangular pyramid-like symbolism featured on the front of the shirt, but the top is bisected in such a way that it truly resembles the all-seeing eye imagery that we see on the back of the one dollar bill. To make matters worse, the artwork around the apex of the pyramid-like symbolism radiates in the same manner as an illuminated pyramid.

Below you will find examples of a handful of instances in which Henderson has been seen in public or photographed making the triangle-shaped hand gesture.

In the photo found at the top of the article, we see Henderson displaying the triangular hand gesture while in the ring. Another interesting detail about this particular photo is the shirt that the fighter is wearing…one that depicts an eerie skull and bones design. Could be a marketing tactic for the MMA fighter, or it could be just as simple as sending out a very specific, targeted message…

It is reported that Henderson is a devout and outspoken Christian, and some believe that his signature hand gesture has religious meaning behind it that points to his faith. However, it is pretty hard to disregard the coincidences between Henderson’s gym logo, the hand gestures, and the clothing used to advertise the gym. Also, just because someone is portrayed or identifies with a certain religion does not mean that there is no way they could be connected to a secret society such has the Illuminati.