Does the Entertainment Industry Bank on Celebrity Drug Use to Discreetly ‘Take Out’ Shining Stars?

Drug overdoses could very well be a popular method of concealing the real reasons behind the death of a celebrity. It’s only natural that conspiracy theorists would link the unexplainable, suspicious or untimely deaths of popular celebrities as having something to do with secret societies, mind control handlers, and members of the Illuminati trying to quiet rebellious, outspoken or influential stars.

Throughout history, it’s been proven that handfuls of people have been victims of suspicious ‘drug overdoses’ made to look like an accidental death. Crime bosses and the government have resorted to this tactic in the past, so why not the entertainment industry?

A past history of depression, low self-esteem or failed relationships helps to further the public’s acceptance that a ‘fallen star’ has taken their own life or succumbed to a publicly excessive lifestyle.

A few suspected instances include the tragic ends to the following deceased famous stars:

Actor Heath Ledger confided in people that his role as the Joker was taking a toll on his mental status, but the circumstances of his death from a drug overdose raised more than one eyebrow. Rumors of Illuminati-puppet prostitutes luring the actor astray and other suspicious activity has brought to light the possibility that his death was no accident.

Amy Winehouse had a known history of drug and alcohol abuse. Towards the end of her life, things were looking up and she vowed to lead a different, cleaner life. She had built up this rebellious, chaotic reputation, and now she was ready to change. And then, she died in what seemed like an inevitable end to her life ”“ drug overdose. Did Amy ruin the wrong person’s flow of profits and paid the price with her life?

ODB (Old Dirty Bastard) of the rap group Wu Tang Clan, was one of the more outspoken members, who often spoke of the Illuminati’s existence. His erratic behavior and frequent legal troubles were often attributed to heavy drug use, and he on more than one occasion mentioned that ‘they were out to get me.’ Was his death caused by a drug overdosing an accident or deliberate attempt to quiet the ‘knowledge’ he possessed?

Whitney Houston developed a prosperous career with her songbird talent, but towards the end of her life, she had become an unmanageable, seemingly drug-dependent celebrity. From catfights at parties to fleeting moments of sobriety, Houston had recently made a power move in the industry by playing a memorable role in the remake of the movie ‘Sparkle.’ Unfortunately, she died before she had a chance to reap the praise ”“ supposedly from an accidental drowning related to drug use right before the 2012 Grammy Awards. Ridiculous or not ”“ one theory circulating the Web is that Houston was killed by the hands of the Illuminati so that Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s child Blue Ivy could live.

This concept of instantly accepting celebrity overdoses as a complete truth (that is not to be questioned) is nothing new. The movie starlet Marilyn Monroe supposedly died of a drug overdose but the details of her death have always raised the eyebrows of those who believed her passing was motivated by politics.

Monroe infamously had an affair with President John F. Kennedy and was in a position to send the presidency into ruin. She was knowledgeable in the private matters of the Kennedys, including marital infidelities. Notes and letters were involved ”“ the kind of proof that makes people change their opinion about a highly respected man. She also knew about Kennedy’s involvement with Sam Giancana. More than a few people have suspected that Monroe was a celebrity sacrifice to protect political interests, and that her drug overdose was the type of cover that the American people could believe in.