Dope Dummays Plans on Jumping on the Illuminati Clothing Train

It seems that clothing companies that support, embrace, or spread their designs often associated with Illuminati symbolism come a dime a dozen, and a future online business called Dope Dummays is proving that this trend is nowhere near ending. Founded a couple of years ago, the store is currently in ‘coming soon’ status as an online storefront on StoreEnvy – a popular place for small business owners (especially new clothing companies) looking to jumpstart their enterprises.

As the storefront’s name suggests, the drug culture plays a significant role in the merchandise planned for sale, including references to cocaine and smoking drugs. Promoting a nonchalant attitude towards life is another underlining theme found in some of the designs of the T-shirts. Also, symbols such as triangles and pyramids, and the all-seeing eye are also a part of the designs for Dope Dummays.

T-shirts that highlight the impact and popularity of Illuminati-related symbolism include:

“Rat Race” T-Shirt

With the words “we are the winners of the rat race!” printed on the front of the T-shirt, the ‘Rat Race’ design features the body of a man within a pyramid-like shape. He is holding his hands up to the sky in a victorious pose. The head of the man is that of a rat, and if you’ve seen the 1990’s cartoon ‘Pinky and the Brain’ before, then you would know that it is the same face as the genetically-enhanced lab rat character known as ‘the Brain.’ Fixated on world domination, every episode shows the constantly-scheming rat hatching a new plan on how to take over the world. The rat’s head is positioned in such a way that his eye fits perfectly in place to create an all-seeing eye, illuminated pyramid imagery.

Therefore, the statement, ‘winners of the rat race’ is making a distinct connection between those who wish to control or rule the world, the Illuminati, and having success.

“Hands of Greed” T-Shirt

Interestingly, the “Hands of Greed” T-shirt is described by the company as featuring “the hand sign most often associated with Jay Z and his “alleged” affiliation with the Illuminati.” It uses two hands to form the shape of an illuminated pyramid, and in the center, the name of the company has been placed.

“World Power” T-Shirt

With a graphic of the world map/globe serving as the ‘O’ in ‘World Power,’ this T-shirt also features two triangles with the map that to signify locations. Inside of the triangles, there appears to be red single eyes. An obvious conclusion that you can draw from this shirt is that the world is ruled by the Illuminati.

“I Love Brain” T-Shirt

Paying homage to the zombie lovers’ culture, this T-shirt graphically spells out “I Love Brain,” and the single eye used to jumpstart the message seems to send out thoughts of the all-seeing eye.

Money x Power x Respect T-Shirt

And finally, there’s nothing left to the imagination with the Money x Power x Respect T-Shirt, it clearly uses the words ‘money’, ‘power’ and ‘respect’ to form the shape of a triangle. Above the pyramid, is the word ‘illuminati.’ In the center of the triangle, you will find the iconic all-seeing eye.