Dream Interpretation: Drugs and Any Drinks

What does it mean when alcoholic drinks, other beverages, and drugs find their way into your dreams? In this article, you will learn what it means when substances, such as cocaine, milk, and fizzy drinks, appear in your dream.


Pay close attention to the details of a dream that involves drugs. Dreaming of being drugged, where you exhibit abnormal behavior or dangerous movements is often interpreted as a warning to be on alert for jealousy. Someone could be in your social circle that would rather see you do badly than good. Be on the lookout for someone who would like to capitalize on any misstep in your actions or character. It is these types of people who may try to guide you in the wrong direction so that you could make a mistake or suffer embarrassment. After having one of these dreams, it is recommended to keep your eyes and ears open.

When drugs are being used in a dream as a way to ease pain, it could mean that your income could increase in the future. However, if you are taking drugs as a recreational choice, it could indicate that someone in your life could be trying to lead you in the wrong direction.

When addiction or a drug addict appears in your dream, it could be a sign that you should stop actions that could lead you astray. Some people take it to mean that they should adopt a more positive attitude towards life. If someone gives you drugs or if someone is selling drugs in a dream, it could reference the presence of dishonesty. You may want to take a better look at the type of people you like to surround yourself with. However, if you do take drugs, this assessment will not apply to you.

The type of drug that appears in a dream is also significant. For example, cocaine could refer to some sort of sadness , because the drug is known for its addictive properties. If cocaine in a dream has medical associations, then it could reference an improvement in your business.


The presence of alcoholic drinks in a dream depends on the type of beverage appears, as well as its condition. When water shows dirty, warm, hot, or is clouded , it could indicate an upcoming loss of money. Sometimes, it means that your status is hurt because of circumstances that were not of your doing. When a drink of water appears clear, cool or cold, it could symbolize that something good is soon to happen. This is an especially nice omen for students or for those associated with academics.

If you dream about drinking milk, this too is a omen associated with happiness and success in your near future. Soft drinks full of fizziness mean that something exciting could be in your future. When a drink is sweet and syrupy, prepare for passion in your love life to erupt. However, if you are drinking from a bottle, take a look at your current relationship because something could be lacking in the romance department.