Dream Interpretation: Partying and Celebration

There are many people that believe that the kinds of dreams that visit you at night can be used as a foretelling of the future or give insight to the current circumstances of their life. In this article, you will encounter some of the interpretations of dream subjects that focus on partying and celebration, such as alcohol and bars.


There are different ways to interpret a dream concerning the abstinence of alcohol. If you find yourself dreaming about staying away from drinking alcohol by choice (and any kind of temptation associated with partying or having fun), it may translate into a warning associated with overconfidence. However, if you dream that you are refraining from drinking alcohol because you need to, it could mean that you will soon achieve success and prosperity.


The amount of alcoholic beverages you drink in a dream may indicate success if you are consuming drinks in moderation. Excessive drinking in a dream could refer that you should keep an eye out for situations that could turn embarrassing and you having to issue an apology in the aftermath.


Bacchus is an ancient Roman god (or Dionysis for the ancient Greeks) that is the deity associated with the grape harvest, winemaking, wine, and of ecstasy. If this god appears in your dream, it could be a warning that you should be careful with money matters.

A Bar and Barmaid

If you are not a bartender and have a dream that you are serving up drinks, it could be interpreted as the possibility of you finding yourself engaging in some questionable actions. However, if you are having a drink at the bar or simply watching the comings and goings of a bar, it could mean that there is a place for you involved with community affairs. When a barmaid appears in a dream, it could be associated with sexual activity. Sometimes, it is a warning that you should be more selective in the companions that you surround yourself with.


Dreaming about fun? Prepare yourself for good times ahead if the fun in your dream is innocent and clean. However, if you are having out-of-control fun or enjoying yourself at the expense of another , be on the lookout for difficulties concerning business.

Being Drunk

There should be some concern if you are frequently dreaming about being intoxicated. It could be a warning that too much partying could lead to some sort of downfall or misstep in the future. Slowing down your partying is suggested. If you are dreaming about other people being drunk, it could refer to you losing out on a loan that will not be repaid. Yet, something like this is usually not that significant in the scheme of things.