Earth-A fuel stop for the Alien Entities

It just leaked out as of July 21, 2005 fairly recently by how long they have been doing this for. Over the past 60 years the United States and other powerful nations have made an agreement with these beings on the purpose of allowing them to harvest our vast oceans for research and etc. But what our governments and world leaders only found out about 10 months ago is that they aren’t just using these oceans for bases and research, they are using water especially salt water for fuel that by the way is very efficient and very clean.

These agreements between us and them is basically fairly simple, we allow them to silently allow them to go through our oceans and harvest whatever they need and we don’t get any hostile intrusions by our cosmic cousins. There are nine species of Extra Terrestrials that we currently know about and 6 of them have agreed to this pact most infamously the Greys. It is hard to tell whether they are friendly or not because they have awkward customs and agreements which are sometimes in our heads somewhat irrational.

If water in a stable environment is introduced to an element fairly new to us ununpentium it will produce a massive amount of fuel compared only to anti-matter which anti-matter is a highly dangerous substance[about a gram or two will blow up the North and South American continent] so it would be highly wise to use water and element 115 for fuel.

Our top scientists have only but scratched the surface of this new and facinating discovery. People always wondered why UFO’s are so fast and swift moving and very silent, well this new fuel helps in calming down the engines hence why its so efficient.

The reason why I am telling the people this on such a website is to inform, I am informing you about what they are doing right now and in my mind the people have the upmost right to know what their government is doing behind their minds.

I’ll see if I can gather any more highly secret information