Earth Negetivity and Pollution

            If anyone knows about what is going on you will notice that there are more bird deaths. Yes I know your saying “so?” well there is something behind all of these deaths. If you take a look at all the recent activity that is occurring as we near the evolution date of 2013 you will notice that a lot of shit has happened. This “shit” is what we would call the wip-lash of negative energy. All this negative energy is being released so much we are now seeing that it is killing all of the animals and at times nearly killing humans. This is something that is very surprising to all and it is nothing more than a mystery to all of the various observers out there looking up and wondering “what the hell is going on up there”. This wip-lash is manifested in either physical or dimensional forms and each one of these forms never seem to have an explanation (physical ones can be put aside seeing they are easier at this time to categorize) but anything else that is beyond the physical is a mystery to all the people watching as it happens. The spiritual or dimensional death is caused by all the release of the negative energy from the earth which then affects us and many others. If we continue on this ever constant negative mind-set we will be seeing more and more of the deaths of the animals and maybe even humans soon.


            The question that many of you must ask yourselves is “how do I stop being negative?” this question is something that should be running through everyone’s mind right now but sadly that is not the case. If we knew (100%) that our negativity was the cause of all the mysterious deaths of the animals and plants then we should start creating a different domain and start listening to what we truly must do in order to evolve past this destruction. Most of the negativity that the planet releases is not just dimensional but it can get to the point were it is physical. Things such as volcanic eruptions and earth quakes will be heard and felt if this remains. This negativity is not just by our negative actions it also has to do with our mind-sets. If people keep on thinking the end of the world will happen then guess what, the end of the world will happen. We have been taken for fools by the dark ones that have say we are nothing but a natural resource to them. These dark beings are not just a group of what people call “demons” they are as physical as you and me but the problem is they do not have any idea of how to be spiritual. They take the idea of love and evolution as a joke and instead go for a more materialistic mind-set which can in turn affect others who are still evolving in the lower densities.


            Sadly their energy has taken hold of most of us and we rather remain in a materialistic life style than a spiritual one. If you look at all these people you will notice they are always wanting new things, they are always wanting a new car, house, video game, cell phone, girl friend/ boy friend (this is sad to see that people are so materialistic they use others for pleasure) and they just screw around and never pay any attention to anything that is out there in the world. If you look at a person you will notice the only reason he will ever look into the sky is if he heard a air plane or helicopter fly on by. People never pay any attention to the wonder of the sky and never even think about how the pollution gets netted into it. This leads me into another subject, POLUTION. This idea (its not really an idea it is a reality) is something we always throw out the window and end up remaining ignorant to the fact that maybe our planet is getting hotter and the ozone layer is depleting due to toxic waste form our factories and vehicles. No body ever thinks about this and they just go on with there daily lives being completely oblivious to everything. I am sure if you had someone stand behind a care for a total of 2 seconds and have them breath in the exhaust form the muffler of a car, they will hate it and run form the horrid smell of it. That smell is the smell of the many chemicals that are present in the exhaust. It not only smells bad but it also can damage your lungs and even cause you to lose consciousness or even die. If we were to think about the affects those chemicals have on humans then we would have a pretty good idea of what would happen to the planet. I remember talking about this at one point and said “I bet if you were to go in a very populated city that has cars running everywhere (like New York city) and light a match in the middle of the street I am sure that match will ignite into a bigger flame or not go out at all”. I tend to think that statement weather it be a joke or not to be true. If you look at all the pollution in the air I highly doubt that a fire would go out in a big city like that. It will just keep going and going and going until you take it out of that area (as long as the match does not burst into a bigger flame). It is important to know that our planet is not something we can just trash and treat like a garbage can (example: landfills). This document may have taken you about an hour to read but I hope you do understand that this is not something to laugh about.