Earth’s History Can Never Be Changed

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author Rod KaweckiThe Time Paradox   

By: Rodney awecki


         If anything there does exist a time paradox in time travel. A time paradox includes information that leads the physicists to believe that while traveling backwards in time is possible – there includes the problem of changing the past. When we review the ethics of time we are also reviewing its paradox simultaneous imagery. What this means is that in today’s advance physics we know that light travels at 186,000 miles a second per second. That it is light that is known to be the fastest known particle structure in the Universe. From Albert Einstein’s studies he concluded that there exist a time a paradox with it.


    The time paradox involves the distance of light having the ability to be at its lengths in two places at the same time. Einstein called this action a simultaneous effect. For the matter of understanding this hypothesis we have to look at light from a perspective that it retains two ends. A beginning and an end. Lights beginning includes the fact that when a light pulse is emitted that a second later and all at once. The pulse reaches its end at almost the same time it starts. This is to say that within a second frame of time – the pulse will exhibit itself simultaneously at two places at the same time. This is faster then anything we can conceive about except in Quantum Mechanics which measures any infinite basic length to meet with what is called the Planck scale. Over a billion billionths of a centimeter.

     warp spaceWith this in mind we can look at light as a means to be in two places at the same time in real time. Traveling backwards through the fourth dimension allows for a journey through time based on this analogy predicted by Einstein in 1905. So the fact remains that if someone had the ability to travel at close to the speed of light. He or she could travel through time. Time in the infinite future as Einstein predicted and backwards as well as foretold in Quanta Physics. It is with the mathematics in Quantum mechanics that this analogy can be explained at different the segments of time. Sort of like saying that this time line can be understood more clearly in frames relative to the Planck scale.


    Traveling at speeds faster then light have been discovered in real time by Kawecki in Quanta Physics that predicts the analog of being able to travel back into the universes past at a time relative to the time yourself existed before the time of the launch of which you traveled back into the past. The paradox of seeing yourself is a real one. But the idea of changing history is not. This is because the time line of which you traveled from is part of the future you used to travel backwards through time into the past. The grandfather paradox by Einstein does not exist. The fact of the matter is that when you traveled from the future you traveled from the future that already existed. Trying to change this fact is impossible. But the idea that if you that’s say murder yourself in a place in the planets past will change your own future will not happen. At least not in this life time. The reason is because your future already exist thereby killing yourself in this future event in your own life will only leave the impression that a murder took place and if you were caught you’d go to jail. But by the time any time travel becomes possible – it will far off in the planets future that any type of time travel crimes will take place.

     supraliminal chartIts based on the idea that Einstein believed time travel to be a loop back in 1905 that he retained his theories on time travel. The fact is that he believed that as a loop – time instantaneously traveled from the ‘now’ or present strictly backwards without having to travel towards the future to travel into the past as explained in Quanta Physics theory or Q.P.T. The fact remains that he thought that time travel was a two legged faucet. A single joint where water tapped at two ends. One the future and two the past. He believed time could be reversed physically from the present. Instead of traveling forwards one could travel backwards like one walking on the sidewalk. He thought that since traveling backwards into the past may be possible. That the same person on the sidewalk could actually be walking backwards due to the forwards arrow of time thus traveling backwards in time. As such everything it takes to travel into the future is eliminated in traveling into the past. He designed what are called wormholes and traveling through distorted space as a means to make up for the difference. But the fact is that time travel is conducted by traveling with the arrow of time forwards into the future and increasing to faster then light space velocities. A structure in time travel that is designed in this book. (www.physicsamerica.com).