Eat, Drink, Be Merry”¦and Reprogrammed by Jay-Z

Known for delivering ‘surprises’ at concerts, what message will Jay-Z send as we celebrate the start of a New Year? With more power, more money and more influence, the popular rapper is scheduled to co-headline a New Year’s Eve show on December 31, 2012, at the Barclays Center in New York City. Jay-Z is an artist known to glorify Satanic and Masonic messages and imagery within his music. He can say just about anything nowadays, and the public will listen”¦and follow.

It’s no wonder that the music industry is heavily laden with references to Satan worship and Satanic messages”¦Lucifer himself was associated with singing in Heaven before being ousted. One of the greatest tricks of the Devil is to deceive the unknowing into idolizing or following someone that secretly represents the messages of Satan.

Before buying into an NBA team and becoming one of the most sought-after business endorsers, Jay-Z had already successfully penetrated pop culture minds on a level that reached many different races, ethnicities and social classes. However, throughout his music career, Jay Z’s actions and messages have often touched upon or reflected the Devil’s influence.

For starters, the triangular ‘Roc’ sign that he, his wife, label-mates, and music fans frequently promote, reflects a known Masonic/Illuminati sign of the all-seeing eye. There are millions of people who display the Roc sign without knowing that they are praising and worshipping something that they do not understand ”“ a connection to something greater than music appreciation. It’s a sign related to Satanic worship. There is no doubt that this sign will come into play at the New Year’s Eve concert.

The Bible states that calling yourself God is a blasphemous, unforgivable sin ”“ something that Jay-Z frequently does. Carter often refers to himself as ‘Hova’ or ‘J Hova,’ which is often viewed as a reference to Jehovah (God’s name for Jehovah Witnesses).

Very early on in his career, Jay-Z highlighted the Devil’s influence in the aptly titled ‘D’Evils’ (1996). He speaks of the corruption that occurs through the Devil’s use of money and power as temptations, which often leads to violence and betrayal. He initially acknowledges these evils in the hook of the song:

“Dear God Explain, I wonder can you save me
“Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body”
“Dear God, I wonder can you save me”
“Secret society, tryna keep they eye on me”

Carter states in Verse 1 that he never prayed to God, but instead worshipped a well-known mafia kingpin. He acknowledges that these actions are ‘wicked.’ He tells his listeners that he does not ask forgiveness for the sinning that got him where he is in life:

“I never prayed to God
I prayed to Gotti, that’s right it’s wicked
That’s life I live it ain’t asking for forgiveness for my sins,”

In Verse 3, Carter makes reference to demonic possession by referring to his soul and an Exorcist:

“My flesh, no [man] could test, my soul is possessed
By D’Evils in the form of diamonds and Lexuses
The Exorcist, got me doing sticks like homie
You don’t know me, but the whole world owe me, strip!”

The song ends with “Stop screaming, you know the demon said it’s best to die” ”“ an inference that Jay-Z accepts the Devil’s authority.

‘D’Evils’ (or ‘da evils’) serves as a precursor to the events that would take place within Jay-Z’s own life.

For example, Carter and best friend Damon Dash founded Roc-a-fella Records (1996) and popular apparel company Rocawear (1999). Seven years later, the hip-hop world absorbed the publicized fallout between Jay-Z and Dash. Carter was seen as back-stabbing his partner when he accepted an offer to become President of the record company ”“ a move that retained control of ‘the Roc’ and his music masters, as well as ousted Dash from the company. This is an example of just how far Jay-Z will go to attain status and wealth.

Jay-Z has (and still continues) to blatantly glorify and make references to Satan, the Illuminati and Masonic worship in songs. His music videos and lyrics have curious connections to the occult, as well as highlight an affinity to secret societies. Examples include:

”¢    “Run This Town” (2009)  ”“ The music video for ‘Run this Town’ takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, where Carter makes references to Masonic and Satanic worship, including the use of torches and calling himself ‘Caesar.’ Questionable lyrics include: “I’m in mason, ah, martin, margella” and “this the return of The God/Peace God/ah ah.”

”¢    “On to the Next One” (2010) ”“ A background incorporates strategically placed lights that makes it appear as if a halo (used to identify holy or sacred figures) is around Jay-Z’s head. To make matters worse, he flashes the Il Cornuto (“Devil Horns”) handsign while standing in front of the halo. The bloody skull shown in the video is a symbol of the Knight Templars (ancestors of the Freemasons), who initiated new members by drinking wine from a human skull ”“  a practice still followed in some Freemasonry rites.