Einsteins Time travel Theories

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Experiment in time travel based on Einstein’s theories

There’s Time For Everything

Hey, would anybody in this room like to take a swim in the
fountain of Youth. Sorry can’t help you with a beverage that
will turn you into a kid again, nor can I tell you how to travel
back in time or leap into the future like they do in the movies.
But I can tell you about a theory of time travel, known as the
twin paradox and an experiment in time travel that did work.
First, let me define time, Einstein himself defined time as,
“that which is measured by a clock”. This would mean any time
piece. From an article that was written in Scientific American
magazine, a team of scientists from The University of Southern
California, decided to test Einstein’s definition and ran an
experiment of their own using two atomic clocks, for precision.
They kept one clock on the ground and took one up in a plane and
sent it on a two hour tour. The clock that took the trip slowed
down and in short got younger, by how much you ask, 40 billionths
of a second. How is this achieved you ask? This is achieved by
one of Einstein’s theories stated in his papers on the theories
of relativity, it is known as the twin paradox. Lets say that we
have a pair of twins, one on earth and the other in a spaceship
in space. We accelerate the ship to half the speed of light
slowing time down for the traveler, in theory if you reach the
speed of light time will stop, and sent the one twin on a trip
for one year. When the traveler returns he finds out that for
him one year has passed, but for his twin, 50 years have passed
for the other twin. That is known as the twin paradox. So, all
you have to do is get yourself several plane tickets to fly
around the world, and in no time at all you will be a second
younger and much wiser.