Elementary School Girls Threatens Classmates and Claims She is Part of the Illuminati

Whether provoked by TV and music or dealing with a disturbed state of mind, what would cause a 5th grader to grab a pair of scissors and threaten his or her classmates? This is what happened in a combined 5th and 6th grade classroom at John Sloat Elementary School within the Sacramento City Unified School District, where one student told peers that she wanted to sell her soul to the Devil. To make matters worse, students say the girl claimed to be a member of the Illuminati ”“ the secret society that is usually associated with adults.

Making bizarre statements is not the only thing an elementary school student allegedly did this past week ”“ in addition to making odd threats in a classroom and in a bathroom, she also drew symbols related to the Illuminati as well as ‘666’ on the bathroom wall. Sent to the office after making the threats, school officials did not notify parents of the incident until after classes were finished, and this has caused a stir. Some parents claimed to have picked up their children at the end of the day, and they were in tears.

One parent told CBS that the girl said that she had sold her soul to the Devil, and that she had made a list with the names of kids she wished to kill. The parent said that the list contained the name of her son. The grandmother of a 6-year-old girl who had been hiding in a bathroom during the 5th grader’s rants says that the girl exclaimed: “I’m the devil and he’s the devil too. We here to kill people.”

Students say that the girl went on with her outburst for at least an hour, where the teacher instructed the class to ignore her rant, and dismissed it as an attempt to gain attention. Students recall their classmates crying because they were scared that they would die on that day. Others were disturbed by her claims that she wanted to sell her soul to the Devil.

The girl eventually got violent as witnesses say that she grabbed a pair of scissors, and attacked a student. A 5th grader who was at the scene said that he had seen the girl try to cut herself and draw blood, but then decided to get up and attempt to stab another girl who was one seat away from her. The girl was then taken to the office. The calls to parents went out on Thursday evening, followed by a letter being sent out to parents offering the school official’s version of events.

However, the students present during the incident have a different story to tell. The statement released by the school stated that the incident involved no weapon, but a pair of scissors was involved, and the exclusion of this detail has parents upset and shocked with officials for spreading false statements. They are also upset because the girl had not been removed from the classroom sooner. Yet, she remained amongst students and continued to scare her peers.

No one is sure what caused the young girl to display such an outburst, but it is certainly disturbing to know that someone at that age would speak of selling their soul to the Devil, and claiming they belong to the Illuminati.