End-of-the-World Theories , Reproduction

There is a report that has been created by government agencies and scientists that states in three generations, the population on Earth will be half the size. In this article, you will encounter end-of-world theories that center on reproduction issues.

Lack of Reproduction

What if the number of people in the world will continue to decline at an alarming rate. Views on family and bearing children have changed over the centuries. Families used to have a lot of kids because of their value to the family as a whole. For example, the more children that you had, the more hands were around to help tend to the land. They also came in handy when parents grew older and needed someone to look after them.

However, with the advancement of technology and social programs, the need for having children is not as great. Families have children now because they want to and it seems that fewer people are interested in bringing a life into the world. No or low income, the lack of a suitable home environment, and more women going into the workforce are just some of the reasons regarding the decline in children. The woman living in the world 50 years ago would have an average of five children. Today, the number is now 2. 7. It is said that couples need to have 2.1 children to make sure the continuation of the species.
The decline is coming closer and closer to the 2.0 point and theories state that when this happens, the population of the planet will decline to the point that the species will die out.

Infertility Issues

However, there are many women who wish to have children and are unable to. Some theorize that Earth could collapse if infertility issues run rampant across the world. Today, the number of people that are unable to conceive is rising at a rate that has alarmed some scientists who believe this could become a serious problem to threaten the survival of our species.

The increase in men and women suffering infertility could be related to the chemicals found in pollution that plagues our waters and air. Over the years, the chemicals have caused damage to the body’s cells and also have an effect on the reproductive system. There are some scientists that believe that evolution has identified the people who should have children and those that should not , in a survival of the fittest way. The most logical reasoning behind declining pregnancies could be a combination of evolution, chemicals and diseases.

Infertility amongst the population can lead to a slow extinction of the human race. The streets will start to look a little less crowded. Houses become easier to acquire and more jobs become available. Fertility clinics will overflow with people wanting to receive treatments. As fewer people are born, there will be less people to run buildings, such as treatment plants and power plants. The society will revert back to the Middle Ages , people living in small communities. Children will become a rarity and at one point, the last child will be born.