Exploring Natural Remedies , Clove Oil and Camphor

When it comes to natural healing, there are many different herbal remedies and folk medicine ways that have been passed down throughout the centuries. In this article, you will discover the power of some approaches that deliver a look into the past as well as present time healing, including oil of clove, as well as camphor.

Clove Oil

A great deal of valuable uses has been found in regards to oil of clove. Treatments involving cancer of the skin, corns, and warts have responded to clove oil. Using the finger, you can simply apply a small amount to warts or corns. After waiting for a short period of time, you can use an emery stick to scrape the top off , followed by a reapplication of the oil. If you repeat this process for a couple of times on a daily basis, you will find that warts and corns will eventually vanish.

Use clove oil to treat insect bites and stings, including pesky mosquito bites and wasps. Other mishaps of the skin, including scratches, sores, and small-sized burns are perfect candidates for a bit of clove oil. Walk in the wrong place during a hike in the woods and you may come face to face with poison oak, which requires something to ease the discomfort. Clove oil can help soothe the skin.

Pain that strikes the body due to various ailments also responds well to clove oil. For example, when a toothache strikes, apply a small amount to the gums and any other part of the mouth that has become swollen or sore. Clove oil also works wonders for individuals battling the sting of canker sores.

The list continues, as a small amount placed on the back of the tongue can treat a sore throat or calm down that cough that may bring a tickling feeling. There are even some people who place a bit of clove oil on the back of their tongue to take away the urge to light up a cigarette when trying to quit that nasty little habit of smoking.


Seek out the camphor laurel for the natural remedy discussed in this section. Thanks to this large evergreen tree located in parts of Asia, like Taiwan and Borneo , we can naturally treat a handful of skin ailments. For instance, to soften the skin during a luxuriating bath, place two cubes of camphor in the water, which is also known to take care of itchy skin. To soothe sore and tired muscles, camphor liniment can prove helpful. It also offers great conditioning for the skin. Camphor also offers relief when insects have bitten your arms and legs during the summertime , causing itchiness and pain to subside. When you are looking to clear your head a bit, camphor also makes an excellent inhalant. Some people also use camphor to block out offending odors for a short period of time by dapping a little bit within the inside of the nose.