Exploring Psychic Abilities Part I

While some peer into a crystal ball, others use cards or changes in the weather to ‘predict’ the future and tell the fortunes of others. A psychic is a person believed to or claiming to possess the ability to perceive information that people with ‘normal’ senses are unable to detect. In this article, we will take a look at some of the abilities and background associated with psychics.

Psychic abilities are one of those unexplainable phenomenons that occur and since many people cannot find a scientific or logical explanation , many denounce the possibility that it exists. It’s already proven that psychics have the power to attract people looking for answers with some individuals shelling hundreds of dollars for a single session. Believers of psychic abilities feel that the power can come through the study of certain techniques or disciplines. Others feel gifted individuals are born with psychic abilities , most likely passed down the family tree by a parent possessing the same sort of ‘talent.’

Do some people possess extrasensory perception that deems them ‘psychic?’ How can you tell you haven’t encountered a performer with a flair for the theatrics, who uses special techniques to read people in such a way that it appears as if they know intimate details of your life which they use to tell your future?

Since physic abilities have no link to the scientific world, many people refuse to justify whether or not the practice is something to take seriously. However, there are some people who have made a decent living and have built a reputation on being able to read minds, speak to the dead, or tell the future.

In the Past”¦

The history of telling fortunes or using other means to see the future is traced back to ancient times, where early civilizations relied on astrology as an influential guide. Early man felt that the positioning of celestial bodies could play an important role in the lives of people and help make predictions of their future just by looking into the night sky. On the other spectrum of fortune telling, relying on a ‘gift’ or ‘vision’ they claimed to possess , the seers or prophets of the past, also made predictions. The purpose that a seer served would later evolve into the clairvoyants or psychics of today. An example of ancient seers is found throughout the Egyptian culture, as they looked to the priests of Ra (at Memphis) for important answers.

The Delphic Oracle

In early civilizations, the seer was a respected member of a community , serving as an advisor, priest or judge under many circumstances. An interesting tale dealing with prophecies involves the Delphic Oracle, typically seen as one of the earliest accounts of someone displaying prophetic abilities. The Oracle of Apollo at Delphi was watched over by a priestess called the Pythia. It was believed that she was able to relay prophecies inspired by Apollo that took place during rituals that started in the 8th century BC.

For more information on the Delphic Oracle and the background on a couple of well-known psychics, read Part II of ” Exploring Psychic Abilities.”