Exploring Psychic Abilities Part II

In a frenzied state, the Pythia would deliver prophecies , a direct response to breathing in vapors that rose from the ground. Some historians believe the priestesses spoke in gibberish tongue (viewed as the voice of Apollo himself). The information they shared was later taken by the priests and transformed into enigmatic prophecies that later became part of Greek literature. Other historians feel that the Pythia did not speak incoherently, but were clearly understood and that prophecies were spoken in their own voice.

A succession of women who belonged to a string of priestesses of the temple was chosen for the position of the Pythia. The last response on record was taken down in 393 AD. Some geologists believed that the fumes inhaled by the Pythia might have been ethylene gas, which contributed to the inspiration for prophecies.  

Contemporary Psychics and Mediums

From amateur fortune tellers to psychics with celebrity followers, some people in the business rise to the top with the help of publicity, books, and television shows. Below you will find a couple of psychics who have hit the headlines with their talents and services:

John Edward

The name probably sounds familiar because he has his own television show, where he serves as a psychic medium, but John Edward McGee markets a talent for communication with the spirits of the dead. In his TV shows, ‘Crossing Over with John Edward’ and ‘John Edward Cross Country,’ audience members gather to hear what he has to say about their deceased relatives.

At a young age, Edward was certain he had a future in becoming a psychic. Over time, he would gain the experience and knowledge necessary to write books and appear in television shows, such as WeTV and the SciFi Channel.

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne also came in contact with psychic abilities at an early age. She claims that she was three years old when she started to show signs. Having come from a family with ‘special talents’ , she learned the ropes from her mother and grandmother. Browne has since appeared on several different television shows and has put a master’s degree in English literature to good use by penning a handful of best-selling books that deal with angels, meditation, tarot cards, and on the subject of past and future lives.

Micki Dahne

With experience that stretches back more than 30 years, the psychic abilities of Micki Dahne have gained such notoriety that they have found a place in circles, such as Court TV, where she partakes in actual cases. With a home base in Florida, she offers private readings by phone or in person. Other endeavors regarding Dahne includes a personal horoscope line advertised in the United States that attracts thousands of people.