Exploring the Legendary Locations of King Arthur Part Two

There have been many different locations mentioned in a variety of texts that have been connected to King Arthur and possible sites where he held court. To continue the exploration of places holding significance with this romantic historic tale, browse the following cities and towns, such as Winchester and Celliwig.

Winchester , Thomas Malory described this site as ‘Camelot’

In southern England, this historic city (known as Winton during ancient times) has a present-day population of about 40,000 located close to the center of the city. Sir Thomas Malory (1405 , 1471) was an English writer, who penned and compiled the information for “Le Morte d’ Arthur.” Camelot is considered the most infamous of fictional castles in history. This is the court that is most associated with the legend of King Arthur. It is known as a site where many battles and quests have taken place.

When people think of Camelot , usually thoughts of justice, courage, and truth will come to mind. These are the kind of traits associated with King Arthur and his knights that make the “Knights of the Round Table” such an infectious romantic tale.

St David’s , In the Welsh Triads, this is a location that is reported as one of Arthur’s three courts

In the United Kingdom , St. David’s is known as the smallest city where a population of less than 2,000 people calls this location their home.

Stirling , in the “Romance of Tristan,” written by Beroul , this Scottish location was mentioned

The history of this site starts as a Stone Age settlement and is now a city that supports more than 41,000 inhabitants , considered the smallest city found in Scotland. A large fortress and medieval old town are some of the features left behind from the past.

Unidentified Sites of King Arthur

Celliwig , found in Cornwall

This site (which translates in ‘forest grove’) is known as the earliest of descriptions that claim the title of an Arthurian Court. This reference is also mentioned in the Triads. In history, there is evidence that a Celliwig found in Cornwall actually existed (in 1312). Sadly, the sources (an old manuscript) are not that clear when it comes to the location and how it figures into the theme of King Arthur. To date , agreement on the exact location is not that concrete.

Pen Rhionydd , mentioned in the Welsh Triads where some believe King Arthur’s Northern court was once located.

When looking over the early triads that were discovered in Peniarth MS 54, you will learn that the information used to link this location was taken down before Geoffrey of Monmouth. There is debate whether or not this site was positioned close to Stranraer , located in Rhegad. Another possibility is that Pen Rhionydd was in North Wales at Morfa Rhianedd.

Now , when it comes to Camelot , what places come to mind when trying to put a location with the name of one of the most famous castles in folklore and lingering tales of romanticism. Quite a few different places have been listed as the site of Camelot. Be on the lookout for the article that will take a look at these establishments.