Extra Extra, Conspiracy all about it!!!

Allow me just a moment to regale you of an event in our nation’s history that will not only force the question, is this for real, but also; I wonder what we can do today?  I am prepared to tell you of a journey that not only left a major footprint on the technology timeline, but also opened the realm of future possibilities.


Now of course, according to our “reliable” sources at the U.S. Navy in conjunction with the ever so creative minds of the Department of Defense, the navy was only conducting a simple degaussing exercise to test new technology that would make the destroyer invisible to the proximity of underwater mines.  However, I will let the facts speak for themselves.


A brilliant partnership of some of the worlds most brilliant scientists including Albert Einstein as well as Nikola Tesla collaborated together to design a most superior defense system that would not only make the great destroyer invisible to underwater mines, but also invisible to the naked eye.  This is correct!  It is my belief that they had full intentions to make the entire boat disappear.  The plan revolved around Einstein’s Unified Field theory which was carried out by wrapping the circumference of the destroyer with a very heavy gauge cable and passing substantial amounts of electrical current through with the assistance of many industrial size generators.  The theory was that passing this type of electrical current around the boat with very high frequency generators, would heat the area around the boat which would generate a similar type of mirage that any normal person would see on a very hot and humid day.  However, what actually happened could not be further from the purposed results.


Allow me to set the scene; Once upon a brisk chilly morning in the Delaware Bay; over 170 fine fellow sailors beset on a dry run of this new experiment that is now being called, “Project Rainbow” It was August 12th 1943 and the sailors spent the morning loading caged animals in strategically picked locations among the destroyer and finalized the diagnostic testing on the newly supplied equipment.  Once everyone had cleared the boat, the experiment was up and running and right before their very eyes, the sailors watched the entire ship and all of its contents disappeared.  Success was the very first thought that entered everyone’s brain.  “We had finally done it”, thought the sailors.  “We now had a definite advantage over the enemy.”  The only thing left to do was one final test with the entire crew on board. 


The sailors were all ready to clear the ship of all of the test subjects and get moving with the final run when they were all cautioned to leave the testing sight effective immediately and report back to their quarters. The majority assumed that something had broken and everyone would be back later on this same day to finish.  However, it was not until 3 days later that the sailors were permitted to return to the sight of the experiment.


The sailors were still ready to embark on this fantastic journey into the unknown.  All 170 sailors entered onto the ship, took their positions and were ready to start.  Some sailors began to feel a very weird presence of death surrounding them.  They could not explain it at the time, but it later became obvious why this feeling was present.  The first phase of the experiment had commenced and all they could hear and feel were the vibrations pulsating from the generators as they switched to higher frequencies.  The vibrations grew stronger and stronger.  Soon the entire crew came to a halt, everyone looked at one another.  The looks on everyone’s faces as goose bumps became present and the hair on the back of their necks stood up could only be explained as extreme terror.


By now, the crew was ready for this entire experiment to come to a close.  Some could feel the electrical current pass through them, as a stiff breeze would move on a cold windy day.  Just as the generators were switched to full power, legs began to quiver.  They could not tell if this was from fear or if it was just part of the experiment.  Either way, they had no control over themselves at this point.


Just then, the entire destroyer was overcome by a gigantic electromagnetic field.  There was a disturbing haze that now covered the entire deck of the boat.  It was almost as if time was now at a stand still.  Soon after, pieces of the ship began to disappear in front of their eyes.  Some stood there as if they were one life size piece of ice covered in liquid nitrogen, as parts of them began spiting into thousands of fragmented pieces.  A group of sailors looked around at their fellow seamen and saw several of them with half of their bodies fragmenting while the other half had totally liquefied into a puddle beneath them.  Others had not yet began to dissolve and were able to slowly move about.  All of them were bleeding from their eyes, ears, nose and mouth.


A small group tried to shut down this brilliant project gone severely wrong.  They were able to move freely through walls as if they were a hologram.  It was a miracle that the abort sequence had not yet become compromised and they generators were shut down.  There was total darkness among the deck of the boat.  Everything began to slow as they began to gather themselves.  It took every ounce of power and determination just to move a simple inch, but none of them were prepared for the aftermath that happened next.


As some of the crew moved about the boat, and observed many sailors in total hysteria and panic.  Others simply burst into flames without any warning at all.  Some of the crew member’s were in transit through a wall or other fixture of the boat when the experiment was concluded and their bodies became fixed as part of the steel just as concrete would dry around an object set within it.


As the standby medical crew began to clear the boat of the injured sailors, there was much confusion in regard to the crew members that had become part of the boat’s structure.  The vast majority of these sailors had died instantaneously but miraculously; some of them had survived.  Of the ones that were still breathing, half were divided into medical research subjects, while the rest were faced by their fellow sailors armed with military issue pistols and were assassinated.   The disaster had finally concluded and the ship had lost 89% of its faithful crew for this “Simple degaussing experiment.”


The most interesting theory about this “Degaussing experiment” is that the destroyer did in fact disappear.  It is actually hypothesized that the ship teleported across time and space.  The theory is that when the generators reached full power, a gigantic magnetic field formed around the boat that not only bent the light around the ship, it also bent time and space as well.


It is believed that several civilians spotted the ship in Norfolk Virginia only moments after the experiment commenced and the ship disappeared. 

It has been concluded from these facts that this is indeed a large cover up on the part of the United States government, as well as the United States Navy.  Which leaves the question, if we could break down the molecular structure of objects as well as human beings way back in 1943; I wonder what we can do today?