Extremely Low Frequency Effects On Humans

courtesy of John Draper.




Richard L. Clark, Ph.D

It is an extremely interesting omission that none of the literature

on the subject of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) systems and its

effects on humans mentions drug or alcohol simulation capabilities.

Because ELF can create exactly the same mental effects as drugs like

cocaine, heroin, hashish, LSD, marijuana and alcohol. Very large

vested commercial interests have deliberately suppressed this


The social costs in crime, deaths, and ruined lives due to drugs and

alcohol is enormous in our society. So, while I do not personally

condone or respect substance abuse in any form, I feel it necessary

to eliminate the dangers, damage and costs of such habits.

The human brain hemispheres operate on separate ear inputs, thus

stereo sound systems. But of more immediate interest is the fact

that the frequency effect internal to the brain, is the difference

frequency between the separate ear frequency inputs.

Thus, if you input 10 Hz in one ear and 18 Hz in the other ear, the

brain hemispheres internally will have the 8 Hz difference. The

effects of 8 Hz are the meditation or ESP states in humans.

Amazingly, the abuse substance reactions are near this same

frequency. The exact reaction frequency varies slightly from

individual to individual, but can easily be found by tuning until

reaction is achieved by the individual.

All that is needed to use this system is two inexpensively built

audio oscillators and stereo earphones. One audio oscillator can be

a fixed frequency, say 20 Hz, and the other oscillator tunable

between 1 Hz and 100 Hz.

Each oscillator is connected to one earphone only, thus an ELF

difference system is possible. The designs of ELF oscillators and

amplifiers are available everywhere, along with the electronic parts

stores. The stereo earphones cost about $25 to $30.


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The advantages of this system are:

o Low initial costs (under $60.)

o Minimum operating costs (batteries)

o No after effects – turn it off and you are turned off

immediately .

o Crime and antisocial behavior decreases.

o Criminal element revenue and control losses.

o Perfectly legal

o Not injurious to the body.