Facts and Trivia: “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (2003) II

The director of the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre was Marcus Nispel (a native of Frankfurt, Germany), whose body of work includes “Friday the 13th” (2009) and “Pathfinder” (2007). In this article, you will learn more facts about the remake of the original classic horror film.

The 2003 movie ran 98 minutes.

Given an R-rating, the movie contained strong horror violence/gore, language and drug content.

The remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre was set in Austin, Texas with some scenes shot in Granger, Texas and Taylor, Texas, where the Taylor Meat Company is found.

Gunnar Hansen (who played Leatherface in the 1974 movie) was asked to play the role of the trucker in the end of the film.

John Larroquette was an unknown actor when he narrated the original 1974 movie. When asked to reprise his role for the remake, he happily agreed.

New Line Cinema is responsible for putting out the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
The remake was released on October 17 2003 , two weeks before Halloween.

The same cinematographer (Daniel Pearl) that worked on the 1974 movie took on the same position for the remake.

Upon hearing that a remake was slated for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Andrew Bryniarski (who was given the part of Leatherface) found the producer Michael Bey (of “Transformers” the movie fame) at a Christmas party and asked him for the role.

The saw that appeared in the remake is called a Husqvarna 359 and came with a 28″ guide bar. Interestingly, while the movie centers on a killer with a chainsaw, only two people actually lose their lives to it.

Lauren German, who originally auditioned for the role of Erin, landed the role of the Hitchhiker.

Tom Cruise’ wife, Katie Holmes was considered for a role in the film.

The actor that took on the role of Leatherface, Andrew Bryniarski, was actually a famous bodybuilder. He also appeared in the Program, Street Fighter, Any Given Sunday, and Higher Learning.

In 2002, Marilyn Manson signed on to compose the music for the film, but later stepped down due to conflicts in scheduling.

The Ministry of Culture in Ukraine banned the film.

When Erica Leerhsen screamed during her screen test , it was so loud that people in other parts of the building thought that a woman was being attacked”¦and called the police to report an incident.

Dolph Lundgen was on the list of potential actors to play Leatherface, but he did not take the role because he wished to spend more time with his family.