Fears with the End-of-the-World I

Whether you believe the Mayan calendar prediction comes true, follow a religious belief, feel aliens will eradicate the population, or that Earth will perish in a different manner, there are various theories as to how the world will end. In this article, you will encounter a handful of predictions centered on different apocalyptic possibilities.

If watching the movie Melancholia didn’t make you think of the possibility of colliding with another planet, there are other people that believe there is a mysterious Planet X roaming around the Solar System that threatens the survival of Earth. In this article, you will encounter a few theories that suggest the end of the world will come at the hands of another planet or body within the solar system.

Destruction by Another Planet

According to a clay tablet made by the Sumerians (the earliest inhabitants of the Middle East), there were 11 celestial bodies. This is a different solar system than what we know today. All of the planets that we know were there and rotating around the sun, but the number of planets was different. There are only nine planets today (and not Pluto). Some scientists theorize that perhaps one of the celestial bodies was the sun, and others feel that it could have been the recently discovered mini-planet named Sedna. The 11th planet has stumped some people and has led to the speculation that the Sumerians were onto something.

When the tablet was uncovered, astronomers had become interested in an odd force in the outer solar system. It seemed like the outer planets were being pulled out of their orbit and that something quite large had to be behind the motions. With this combined data, the theory of the mysterious Planet X has emerged. Planet X is thought to be hundreds of times larger than Earth and to possess a massive orbit of around 3,600 years. In regards to the inner solar system, the planet could cause cataclysmic disaster to our planet. The mass is so large that it could even turn the poles upside down, as well as slow the earth’s rotation. Some fear that Planet X could even stop our rotation. If it gets too close to us, some believe that it could tear away the Earth’s crust or push our planet into the sun.

The Quantum Vacuum Collapse

Scientists become aware of a great deal of facts regarding the world and universe, and with this type of information , it makes certain people fearful of what they are capable of doing. Some feel that with this knowledge, they could even have the power to end the universe. In 2009, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC for short) was been mentioned in the news. In case you didn’t catch the memo, it has been called a “doomsday” device that theorists believe has the potential to destroy the planet. Quantum physics predicts that the universe is filled with something called vacuum energy. If this energy is considered something flammable, then the Large Hadron Collider that scientists have built could act as the device to ignite it.

Changes have been made to the Large Hadron Collider. A collision experiment brought to light the potential of using certain elements that could trigger a quantum vacuum collapse. Some believe that Earth could be wiped out from these actions. If scientists continue to play with elements that are rare or unstable, no one is sure of the outcome, which is why these experiments could prove quite detrimental in the long run.