Fears with the End-of-the-World III

With strange temperature ups and down, and odd weather events happening around the world, it’s hard to deny the possibility that global warming has a hand in the future of our planet. In this article, you will learn about weather, food and technology changes that could lead to the end of the world.

The Greenhouse Effect

The climate is already showing signs of distress. Snow is falling in destinations that have never seen it. Tornadoes and flooding are attacking with more fierceness. Warmer winters are edging out snowfall and droughts are becoming a larger problem in already parched lands.

As time passes, the temperatures could rise to unbearable highs. The ice caps could melt. More species of animals and plants will start to disappear. Some fear that our climate will become closer in characteristics as to Venus. For the past 10 years, the news has reported many changes associated with global warming. There is also something called the Runaway Greenhouse Effect , a term used to refer to what will happen when the Earth hits the point of no return. Water will evaporate when temperatures rise. The atmosphere will become thicker as a result and it starts to trap more heat. More water will evaporate and a chain reaction will occur on the planet. This makes temperatures on Earth even hotter. All of these events cannot be stopped on Earth.

Some fear that we will hit our limits in 2015. One fear centers on the polar ice caps, which hold trillions of tons of carbon dioxide trapped in tiny bubbles surrounded by ancient air. If this becomes releases, it could crack the atmosphere and cause the initial rapid temperature rise. The water-vapor reaction could take off. The conditions of the Earth could turn into a world where tin and lead instantly melts in the new atmosphere. When all the water is trapped as an evaporate, the atmosphere will become too hot to support 99% of all life.

Technology Gone Crazy

From nano technology to advancements in robotics that seem to make life much easier, there are plenty of opportunities for mad scientists and the abuse of technology to take place. We’ve seen the movies where robots are no longer controlled by humans and have taken on a mind of their own. Other films depict supercomputers that start calculating too well and start wreaking havoc on the rest of the world. If the world gets too technological ruled, the slightest computer virus, evil intentions and bugs that seem not to work out could turn into a real problem for the survival of the world.

Too Much Playing with Mother Nature

Scientists are constantly tweaking Mother Nature’s bounty to make improved crops that produce bigger, stronger, longer-lasting, and pest-resistant fruit, vegetable and other food staples. When is it enough? Some fear that there will come a time where Mother Nature rebels. If a genetically modified super crop is cultivated that overtakes all others, we are then left with only a few types of food , if we’re lucky. Some crops (when they are allowed to run rampant) can kill others and overpopulate a region. This can affect the terrain and food chain of the world. If something is made resistant to insects, diseases, extreme temperatures and anything else , what is to keep it from completely taking over everything in its path?