February 2009 Alerts: Archeology Festival in Cardiff

The general public has been invited to an archeology conference hosted by one of the best-selling archaeological magazines in the United Kingdom , Current Archaeology. The place chosen to receive guests attending this extravaganza is Cardiff University. This will be the second Current Archaeology conference, where the first was held at the British Museum in February 2008 and brought in more than 450 people. The conference will offer a variety of sessions spanning two days. This article provides additional details.

Archeologists hailing from various universities and museums will gather to speak to eager attendees who are interested in expanding their minds regarding the latest discoveries concerning the world of archeology. Over the course of two days, lectures and presentations will touch upon the following topics: New Light on Neanderthals; The British Copper Age; The Archaeology of Homer’s Greece; Romans on the Frontiers; Burial Customs; Bio-Archaeology; Romans and Barbarians; Archaeology and Identity in Medieval Wales; Digging the Tudors; Docks: Britain’s portals to the world; and Heritage in Danger.

A handful of keynote lectures will take place. Attendees will encounter the wisdom and insight of the following lecturers:

·    Bethany Hughes, a writer and TV presenter (‘Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Whore’)

·    Professor Steven Mithen of the University of Reading (‘Sounds of the Neanderthals’)

·    Brian Fagan, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Barbara (‘The Quest for Sustainability’)

The conference is scheduled for the weekend of February 7th and 8th, 2009 and will take place in the Julian Hodge Building and the National Museum Cardiff. If you arrive on that Friday (February 6th), keep in mind that arrangements have been made for excursions to Caerleon and Caerwent, Cosmeston and St Fagans.

Other Archeology Conferences of 2009

From medieval studies to exploring the archeology of the Pacific Islands, there is a range of archeology conferences and get-togethers to consider in both the United States and abroad for 2009. A brief list includes:

April 3rd to 5th (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor): 8th Roman Archaeology Conference

April 4th 2009 (Amman, Jordan): Traditions and Transformations: Tourism, Heritage and Cultural Change in the Middle East and North Africa Region

May 13th 2009 (Vancouver (University of British Columbia) Canada): Canadian Anthropology Society/American Ethnological Society Joint Meeting. Theme: Transnational Anthropologies

May 21th 2009  (Sheffield, United Kingdom) Early Medieval Archaeology Student Symposium

June 10th 2009 (Camp Verde, Arizona): Conference on Archaeoastronomy of the American Southwest

July 1st to 3rd, 2009 (Koror, Palau): Pacific Island Archaeology in the 21st Century: Relevance & Engagement Conference

September 30th 2009 (Caulfield, Australia): Australian Early Medieval Association Sixth Annual Conference – Gathering the Threads: Weaving the Early Medieval World

October 15,18th, 2009 (Iowa City, Iowa): 2009 Midwest Archaeological Conference