‘Fishy’ Insights Into The Symbol Of The Grail

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The Challenge

The challenge which originally prompted this article was to identify the symbolic parallels between the Grail myth and the mythical adventures of the character of Edward Bloom in the film “Big Fish”. Pursuing this challenge turned out to provide me with some interesting insights into that most mysterious symbol of ultimate healing power: The Holy Grail.

The story presented in the film “Big Fish” suggests that the Grail’s ability to ‘heal’ both the king and the land is based on an aspect of the Grail’s symbolism which represents the re-empowerment of the Feminine Principle, and there are definite parallels to this level of the ‘Grail quest’ in the mythology presented in the film. This Grail/fish connection has appeared before in an Irish precursor to the Grail myth, called “The Salmon of Wisdom” in which the role of the Grail is played by a fish.