Flowers Used For Medical Treatments

Flowers carry sweet scents that make perfect Valentine’s Day accompaniments, as well as brighten up your room with color and shapes. When it comes to treating all of the medical ailments that have plagued people throughout the years, did you know that a wide-range of flowers could be used to your advantage? In this article, you will find some of the flowers that can ease anything from menstrual pain to urinary disorders.


Let’s take the pasque flower, which features a lovely showing of purple flowers. The petals of this flower were once used to color Easter eggshells the color red when the holiday rolled around. Often seen in the garden, the pasque flower also has medicinal properties as it is used as a high-quality sedative among other things. This natural remedy has been known to come in quite handy when painful situations arise.


When using this flower as a natural treatment, it is the aerial parts that are used. Drying the plant is one of the only ways to enjoy the benefits of this medical approach. You should always keep in mind that the fresh plant is TOXIC. Another caution to be aware of in regards to the pasque flower includes taking the recommended dose. It is important not to exceed dosing suggestions so you can avoid side effects.


The pasque flower works wonders for women suffering from menstrual pains, as well as other woes of the reproductive system. This plant approach aids both men and women in this area. Urinary problems may also be treated with this method and can also ease the tension of a painful earache.


With flowers that resemble a daisy, arnica can be found in pastures located about alpine sections of the city. With a yellowy-orange color, the flowers look like something that could decorate a colorful spring arrangement. Since this herbal remedy is rather potent, dilution is required in order for homeopathic methods to take place. If you internally take this plant into your system, you may encounter highly toxic side effects. When using the plant as an ointment or cream, you will find it one of the most useful herbal remedies in your back pocket.


It is the flowers of the plant that are used to treat health problems, especially circulation issues. If you ever suffer from frostbite, you will find arnica quite helpful. Whenever you are in need of stimulation in order to reach the level of healing that you desire, arnica is a good herbal option to consider. The circulatory system really benefits from the use of arnica. An ointment made from arnica also helps out with accidents and traumatic shocks.


When considering this remedy selection, there are a few precautions to adhere to. If you have broken skin, you should refrain from using the cream. In other words, you should also stay with homeopathic doses that are taken internally.