Freemasons to Open their Doors to the Public

A statewide celebration of Freemasonry is sweeping across the state of Massachusetts this weekend, as members of local Masonic Temple lodges will open their doors to the public so that outsiders may ‘gain a better understanding’ of what the secret society is all about. April 6, 2013 will be observed as ‘Square and Compass Day,’ and will involve more than 230 lodges scattered about the state. What do you think of this ‘day of celebration’?

The Freemasons aim to educate the public on the positive impact that the organization has on its members, their families, and community. Many members across the state of Massachusetts will participate in the day of celebration, including the Crescent-Pittsfield and Mystic Lodges who encourage outsiders to accept their Saturday invitation to visit between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The public will be able to participate in a tour of the building, which will be led by members.

The Masons will also speak about Freemasonry and some of the things that they do. A history of the fraternity and their rituals (along with video and printed literature) will be mentioned. You will also learn about the charitable programs they are involved with.

This is the ideal time to satisfy your curiosity about what the inside of a Masonic lodge building looks like, or learn whether they are the descendants of the Knights Templars.

Everyone is welcome to attend these open houses.

In what they refer to as the ‘Spring Open House,’ all of the 16 Cape Cod Masonic Lodges will also open their doors to the public from 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the April 6th date. Other Masonic Lodges that will participate include the Cawnacome Sunshine Lodge, Nauset Light Lodge, Saint Martin’s Lodge, Mariners Lodge, Mount Horeb Lodge, Marine Lodge, Pilgrim Lodge, Union Lodge, Oriental-Martha’s Vineyard Lodge, Universal Lodge, King Hiram’s Lodge, DeWitt Clinton Lodge,Social Harmony Lodge, Adams Lodge, and the Howard Lodge.

In Massachusetts, there are roughly 35,000 Freemasons and more than 230 lodges throughout the state.

The Meaning Behind the Square and Compasses

Referred to as the Square and Compasses, the use of a square with a set of compasses joined together is one of the most single most identifiable symbols associated with Freemasonry. Both objects are tools of an architect, and serve a purpose in Masonic rituals, such as being used to teach symbolic lessons. As tools of measurement, the instruments are also used to reference judgment.

Oftentimes, the square and compass symbolism is shown with a ‘G’ in the center. The addition of the letter is interpreted in many different ways ”“ depending on whom you ask.

One of the most widely accepted explanations is that the ‘G’ stands for God, and serves as a reminder to the Masons that God is at the center of Freemasonry. Another letter-related reference to God is that it stands for the ‘Great Architect of the Universe.’ The ‘G’ may also stand for Geometry, as it is described as being the ‘noblest of sciences’ and according to Duncan’s Masonic Ritual & Monitor by Malcolm C. Duncan, this branch of mathematics is “the basis upon which the superstructure of Freemasonry is erected.”