Freestyle Thinking: Some Random Thoughts

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Throughout my time as a human being I have noticed several things about the other human beings with which I am forced to live with and on the odd occasion converse and communicate with.

I am having great difficulty in reaching a common ground with many of my fellow human beings due to the fact that they are seemingly in-capable of thinking for themselves and forming there own opinions, as absurd as the notion may sound I believe it to be true based on the fact that there opinions come from such ”˜reputable’ sources as the TV guide or even worse the television itself. Whilst I recognize the need to analyze and interpret others opinions so as to form a basis for your own ideas I don’t believe the television or any other source of media available is helpful. In fact it’s a hindrance, one that needs to be recognized by the watchers.

The media itself on the surface is not inherently evil, but to the un-informed it’s a calculated web of lies designed specifically to make you more malleable to their suggestions, the worst part being that the recipients to these suggestions are not aware on a conscious level of their minds going into an altered alpha state and then having their brain essentially”˜re-programmed’ with new ideas that the watcher believes are their own. That is why it’s so hard to reach a common ground with those who are enslaved by consumerism and the media. They are so engrossed with material possessions and vanity that they fail to see that which is important, creativity and the uniqueness of the human mind, however this is not as important as a big screen TV and a DVD home theatre system. The reason being that television and the media has projected an image of human respectability that is false and pretentious when put under scrutiny. This was bought to my attention when I questioned a university student (the so called leaders of tomorrow) as to what they considered a respectable career, without even stopping to think she replied salary, a programmed response if ever I heard one.

Not that I have any respect for society or the controllers which have wrongfully been set above me but I would think a more ”˜truer’ answer, or at least less programmed would have been, The amount of work and time the person had to put into their chosen career and how much their chosen field benefits society. These two different perceptions of respectability drastically change what constitutes a respectable career. For instance an accountant earns more than a rubbish collector, however it’s a question of what’s actually more important to society, the sanitary and regular collection of human waste or making sure all the zeros and decimal points are in the correct place?

As someone who is un-employed my intelligence is defined by people like her whose perception of respectability is in my opinion warped. However because I am un-employed it must therefore mean that I am less intelligent, I must be so stupid that I cant see that working for the rest of my life to line the pockets of some greed driven American Corporation is the way its meant to be.

Or it could be that I have found that working is an un-necessary form of extorting the so called free people of the world. Slavery has not been abolished is has just taken on a new form called the global economy. Please explain to me what the point is in going to work a job that you hate for eight hours a day forty hours a week for a meager portion of money, just enough for you to live and perhaps (if your lucky) buy something for yourself to give you just enough motivation to come back the next day and repeat the process until such time as you die, retire or give up.

I have had people approach me and ask about my sanity given the fact that I don’t spend my time working, they simply cannot understand the fact that you don’t actually have to work, you actually don’t have to, really I’m being serious you don’t have to give up your time to benefit others all you have to do is seek within yourself for inspiration and the answers to your questions of the external physical world will follow. But how can you afford to live I hear you ask, well that’s simple the government are very stupid, very stupid indeed although they think they have all the angles covered it has become evident to me that they do not.

If you are aware of the flaws in the welfare system then you can effectively exploit it for more than you are probably aware. The first step is to find yourself a group of like minded people, the next step is to make yourself a physiological disorder, depression is the best because there is a rising amount of people with depression in society today, and it’s at a time when it’s politically incorrect for the authorities to deny you of assistance given the fact that depression is considered a real and curable problem.

It’s also something that can be drawn out for as long as you like as there is no actual test that can prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are in fact depressed. Now that you have your doctors certificates proving your disability its time to make an appointment with the bank”¦”¦err I mean the welfare office, they will be all to willing to help you through your difficult time, just smile and watch the free money roll in. I and my friends have done it ourselves it works, we reside currently in a brand new four bedroom house in one of the wealthiest suburbs of the city. Living expenses are all covered by welfare and recreation is taken care of by the selling of plants and mushrooms. Of course there is a legality issue involved with this option, but we lived for months on welfare alone with no restrictions on the amount of mind altering substances ingested. The point being that the myth of living comfortably is only achievable through tertiary education and hard work is bull shit. The world is full of educated derelicts, education offers no guarantees for you, it just means that somebody is given the job of teaching you information at a price. Is it right or fair to have to pay for education? I think not, you can learn just as much at home for a fraction of the cost with a computer and an internet connection.

The key is cooperation between yourself and the others you are living with, with this common goal in mind money is never a problem because your resources are being pooled. There are other options available to you its just a matter of what you are hoping to get out of life, if you want a career a family and a two car garage then you may as well ship off to university and waste your life trying to please others through hard work and application so at the end of your service to society you can die”¦”¦like the rest of us”¦..and be forgotten like the rest of us. You can either wake up pack your bong sit on the balcony and watch as the rest of the world goes to work for you, take a hit let it out and rejoice in the fact that society hasn’t fooled you. Or you can continue down the path of worldly possessions and join the endless parade of programmable robots submitting to every whim and command of the oppressors. So I guess that I sound slightly hypocritical, given my self professed contempt for society, unfortunately I cannot escape the hypocrisy of it, nobody can.

Though I can say that everybody in society has the choice same as I did, they chose to work, I chose to learn and live for myself whilst riding the backs of others much the same as someone of the aristocracy.

There is only one downside to this lifestyle, in the eyes of the ignorant I am nothing more than a social parasite, just another drug using idiot who needs to be shown the value of a hard days work, who needs to have the value of society instilled into him before its too late and they can’t make money of me anymore. Have you ever stopped to think that the reason they don’t want people to kill themselves is that you are worth more to them alive, even if your soul reason for existence is to live off the welfare system, you still have to use that money to live, it goes back into the economy and therefore back into the pockets of the controllers, so I ask you what’s symbiotic about them screwing you for all your worth while they reap the rewards?

The point being that most females (I have yet to met any that can see or understand my point of view) aren’t in the slightest interested in learning or living life, they want somebody who can boost their ego, a Man with a fast car and a big house and a six figure salary. When they are bored with him they discard him with no sense of regret or remorse, and most of all without any empathy.

Love does not exist; it’s an overused word that has the soul intent of control and power over another person.

You may be under the impression that two people can share a feeling of love, an interconnecting bond between each other. Untrue, love is singular it cannot be expressed or conveyed through words other than the meaningless sentence ”˜I love you’ sex is not a display of love its simply an enjoyable form of pro creation, it does not in any way constitute commitment, honor or respect for the individual.

When you express a feeling of love towards another you are making a connection between the word love and your interpretations of the word love or lack their of, this means that you can never hope to be understood in the way which you are trying to be understood, this is the reason why all relationships are doomed to failure, miscommunication.

Females are more driven by physical attractiveness than a male, males will meet a female and once they have gotten to know them they then realize if they are or are not attracted to them (at least in my own personal experience) on the contrary a female will only approach a male if they meet the criteria at first glance of someone they would fuck. Why is this? I hear females complain constantly about men and their dishonesty and their inability to communicate and convey emotion, bullshit you are just looking in the wrong places for the wrong things. Try choosing a potential male friend on their merits not their bicep size, try finding out if they are in fact a decent person rather than be mesmerized by their looks. I also hear complaints about males manipulating females, perhaps its because you talk about un important shit on first dates, who gives a flying fuck about small talk? Maybe you should try and converse on a deeper level, although it may mean going out of your comfort zone it will be more beneficial in the long term as you are more likely to get a clearer picture of the person.

There is no real structure to this article as you may have noticed, I’m not trying to make any clear points, its just free flow of thoughts that in no way constitute fact, its only what I have seen and experienced.