From North to South: Haunted Irish Castles

Haunted castles are found in the northern and southern ends of Ireland. In this article, you will learn of a castle frequented by a white ghost and one who may harbor the restless soul of a young man who is through to have met a gruesome death.

Carrickfergus Castle

Situated in Northern Ireland in a town of the same name, you will find Carrickfergus Castle, which offers a taste of Norman architecture. In the past, the castle was known for its clever positioning, set on a rocky peninsula that was nearly surrounded by sea on all sides. The land associated with the castle played an important role in the walled town.

Construction of the castle first took place between 1180 AD and 1204 AD. It was John de Courcy, the conqueror of Ulster that showed interest in the project and for the next 800 years, the castle has seen many additions and advanced features. During the 18th century, some of the upgrades of the castle allowed it to serve as a prison.

All the way until 1928, Carrickfergus Castle earned a reputation as being a significant player in matters of the military. Throughout the centuries, it served as a location where plenty of military action unfolded. In its lifetime, it has undergone besieging attacks from the English, Scots, Irish, and the French.

As for ghosts, the castle is said to be the home of a ghostly young soldier called ‘Buttoncap,’ who lived around the end of the 16th century. Legend has it that he experienced a violent death on the premises, which is the reasoning behind his restless soul. Some say he was a less fortunate man who was unjustly accused of murdering an officer in the castle. His punishment was execution on the grounds. Another tale has the man falling in love with a married woman and being murdered by the enraged husband.

Today, paying a visit to Carrickfergus Castle means setting your eyes on one of the best examples of medieval structures to have survived in Irish history. Maintaining this important landmark is now the responsibility of the Environment and Heritage Service.

Wilton Castle

In Southern Ireland, Wilton Castle started out as the residence of the Alcock family, who occupied the dwelling from 1695 until around the time the castle suffered a horrible fire in 1923. Some people attribute the damage to IRA fanatics who may have been in the vicinity and were given orders to destroy the castle. The ghost that haunts the Wilton Castle is believed to be Harry Alcock, who passed away in 1840. It is said that on the anniversary of his death, a phantom carriage appears down the driveway of the castle. On the roads that surround the castle, Alcock’s ghost is said to make an appearance. One man claims to have exchanged words with the ghost.

In one of the castle towers, odd lights have been reported. This is the same place that an old actress was unfortunate to lose her life , burned to death. Another ghost believed to haunt the premises is that of Captain Archibald Jacob, who fell off a horse in 1836. It is believed that his ghost appears at Wilton Castle and at the location of his death.