From Roswell to Space Exploration: Conspiracy Theories

From alien abductions to unidentified flying objects, the thought of the unknown and outer space has planted endless thoughts of conspiracies into the mind of many. For example, a crash that took place in Roswell has connected to alien conspiracies. This article will also take a look at a theory that involves the 1969 landing on the moon.


One of the most infamous events to foster the belief of alien activity in Roswell, New Mexico is a crash that took place on a remote ranch in the area. The year was 1947 and something weird happened that the government is being tight-lipped about.

At first, the government claimed that some sort of saucer landed in Roswell, but the statement was later retracted. They replaced the saucer information with that of a weather balloon crash. Others believe that it was an alien spacecraft that fell to the earth and the government is trying to cover up the details. With all of the evidence collected and leaked, many want to believe it was a top-secret military balloon that could reach high altitudes that is behind all of the ruckus. Dubbed Project Mogul, descriptions of the wreckage that were first reported by original eyewitnesses closely match photos of Project Mogul balloons. Some of the undeniable details included a silvery finish and odd symbols displayed on the side of the balloon.

It wasn’t until decades had passed that stories of alien bodies and a crashed spacecraft hit the public. It was about 30 years later that anyone ever suspected that the Roswell crash was not related to man. A book published on the topic was released and it claimed that the incident was a cover-up. However, it didn’t actually state that it was to hide a flying saucer that had crashed, but instead, the book focused on the possible hiding of a Cold War-era spying program.

So, how did the Roswell incident get tied into alien bodies and UFOs? It was reports that the crash involved a ‘flying disk’ that sparked attention years later.

The 1969 Landing on the Moon

Can you imagine if one of the most iconic milestones in history never took place? According to a film called Capricorn One, which dates back to 1978, it is shown that American astronauts and NASA faked a landing on Mars. The film wasn’t of the best caliber, but it would lead to conspiracy theories involving the Moon landing. Fox television revisited the possibility of the conspiracy in a program titled: “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?”

The film concentrated on numerous “discrepancies” that had already been discredited. People had already questioned whether or not the feat was actually accomplished after an examination of the official version of the moon landing and photographs of the landing. Interestingly, it never dawned on people that there was no reason for NASA to release images that could prove the mission was a fake.

Conspiracy theorists who believe the Apollo moon landing of 1969 was a hoax are usually backed down by moon missions that took place afterwards, which involved more astronauts. Also, hundreds of pounds of moon rocks were collected during the mission and have already been studied around the world. The makeup of the rocks has already been deemed extraterrestrial.