Fruits and Vegetables For Medical Treatments

Just like flowers and other plants, vegetables also carry treatment answers to some of the health questions and problems you may suffer from. In this article, we will take a look at how celery and chili peppers can be used to treat health issues, such as colds and urinary tract ailments.


In the past, celery wasn’t that commonly available, but today; we can get our hands on the plant during any time of the year. When you are in need of a cleansing tonic, this herbal option provides a fresh, as well as dry remedy. Dried seeds are also used for medicinal purposes, which makes for a great diuretic. For those suffering from a uric acid problem, celery seed is one of the best remedies for clearing out the acid from the system.


Patients, who have been diagnosed with gout, arthritis, or rheumatism, benefit from the use of celery as an herbal treatment. Those dealing with cystitis and other related problems will also enjoy the relief that celery seed brings about. When considering the use of celery seeds to treat medicinal issues, you should only use the kind that is sold for medicinal intentions. If you turn towards the kind that are meant to be planted, you will do more harm than good as the potential for toxic fungicide looms. If you are pregnant, you should also use this herbal remedy with caution because it has a reputation for causes abortions.


Chili peppers have a history in herbal remedies from the time they entered Europe from India during the 16th century. This herbal remedy had a place in treating skin conditions associated with viruses. Since chilies are so hot, using this type of herbal cure should be dealt with high caution. While many view this food item as a vegetable, it is actually a fruit. From this item, ointments and oils provide herbal treatments. It is the fruit that is responsible for this health approach.


The warming and stimulating nature of chilies make great remedies for those suffering from colds and chills. Patients with rheumatism can use this remedy to treat their pain. Those suffering from nervous shocks, as well as poor circulation can benefit from the use of this herb. When using oils and ointments made from chilies, you should exercise extreme caution so that you do not burn any part of your body. When you use the oils and ointments on a particular part of the body, you can increase the blood flow in the surrounding areas. If you suffer from shingles, chili peppers have a way of providing relief from the pain that tends to linger from this ailment.


When utilizing chili peppers for your own health boosting reasons, you should avoid taking the seeds because they can be very toxic. After cutting open or touching a chili, you should be aware that touching your eyes or any open cuts/wounds may result in extreme discomfort and burning. Some individuals have even experienced dermatitis when coming in contact with chili peppers, such as touching the skin after handling one.