Gabrielle Giffords’ secret messages describe Sarah Palin dream warfare attacks

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Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D, AZ) was the victim of dream warfare attacks and suffered nightmares in which she saw former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin receiving news of the representative’s death. Voice analysis of audio from Rep. Giffords’ radio interview this morning along with her victory remarks from last November reveal secret unconscious messages when they are played in reverse.  This subject is featured in a new episode of The Secret Message Report , Podcast Edition, produced and hosted by Vancouver UFO Examiner, Jon Kelly. This story is also available on video as a new episode of SecretMessageTV.

A study was conducted in a Vancouver-based mobile audio production lab
to identify secret messages anticipating today’s tragic events in which
a gunman gravely wounded Arizona Democratic Gabrielle Giffords and
killed a federal judge in what is being described as an MKULTRA assassination attack that left five others dead.

Audio from a talk radio interview during which Rep. Giffords spoke
this morning as well as victory remarks from last November was processed
through a digital mirror to identify reflections of unconscious
communications activity. Viewed through the digital looking glass, the
radio interview was considered especially likely to produce numerous
examples of unconscious precognitive communications behavior as the
recorded voice sample from Rep. Giffords was taken only hours before the

“It was the most productive congress according to most congressional
experts, in decades. Really goes to show that, yes, it’s true that
change is difficult. But when it comes to making sure that we actually
have an economy. That we push forward legislation that would make sure
that all Americans have access to affordable, quality healthcare. That
we were able to add $600 million dollars to additional border security
funding just a few months ago. These are important measures.”

Played in reverse Rep. Giffords’ unconscious audio says, “She’ll view my death”.

Here is what she said during last November’s victory remarks at re-election:

“Tonight’s victory is no accident. Even when we saw so many other
fine candidates across the country lose on Tuesday night. Many
candidates who stood up to 8 years of poor economic and other types of
policy decisions. Tonight, it’s different, for us. Because our victory
tonight is not an accident. We built this campaign specifically focusing
on the real solutions to real problems that are facing the people of
southern Arizona.”

Through the mirror Rep. Giffords describes “The Palin fear”.

Here is another sample from the victory speech:

“I took this job so that I can ensure that southern Arizona will have
a path forward with new types of jobs.  Jobs based on math and science.
Based on skills they learned at the University of Arizona. Solar jobs,
because new energy really is our future here.”

Played in reverse Rep. Giffords’ secret message talks about, “A nightmare”.

Access these audio clips now by listening to The Secret Message Report , Podcast Edition.

What the Messages Mean

Through her unconscious secret messages, Rep. Giffords is describing a
nightmare in which Sarah Palin is receiving news of her death. However,
this is not a natural precognitive dream, exhibiting behavior like that
described by Cornel Psychology Professor Daryl Bem in his article Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect.
This is a dream warfare scenario being played out within Gabrielle
Giffords’ unconscious mind by the remote influencing capabilities of
death-cult black operatives in an covert act of hostile aggression. The
overt act was played out in today’s shooting.

Examiner.com has reported how suspected shooter Jared Loughner has “mind control” videos posted to his YouTube channel, citing MKULTRA programming as described in SecretMessageTV’s coverage
of the Robert Pickton tapes analysis. MKULTRA programming is intended
to manufacture “Manchurian candidate” assassins who are then embedded in
society to engage in acts of state-sponsored terrorism and assassination against targeted individuals and groups.

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