Get in the Mood ”“ Worldwide Aphrodisiacs II

When it comes to getting in the mood, some of the international tricks of the trade may include the use of animal body parts and by-products. In some cases, it doesn’t even matter if the animal is deadly, such as the cobra. Unfortunately, endangered species are also targets for worldwide aphrodisiacs, as you will see in this article.


While one of the oddest aphrodisiacs is also known as one of the deadliest, people still dive into the sea to track down the blowfish (called ‘fugu’), which offers a delicacy for the Japanese. The toxin found in these creatures is rate as more lethal than cyanide, and chefs in Japan who prepare and serve this potentially deadly treat must get a license before attempting. However, when eating a specially prepared dish made with this aphrodisiac, the mouth goes numb. As the numbness starts to subside, a tingling feeling on the lips and inside of the cheeks still lingers. It is this tingling sensation that is believed to increase sexual arousal.


Another aphrodisiac associated with a deadly creature is preparing a dish using the meat of the cobra ”“ one of the deadliest snakes in the world. It takes a brave person to hunt down and catch the snake. The association between snakes and sexuality date back centuries. The long slender body of the snake has been connected to sexuality, as well as other imagery found as far back as ancient Roman times. In many parts of Asia, eating cobras as a way to enhance sexual acts is a practice that has appeared during contemporary times. Some concoctions are made with the blood of the cobra that has been mixed with another beverage that contains alcohol. Known to produce an aphrodisiac effect, some people will eat the meat of the snake. Before eating the cobra, it is highly suggested that the person that prepared the dish is reputable ”“ the snake is deadly.

Ass’s Milk

During ancient Arabic and Roman times, the milk from an ass was considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Used as a topical remedy, the women would rub the milk on their genitals to experience the effects. Men believed that they could enhance their virility if they applied the milk to their genitals as well. There is a legend that Nero’s wife (the man that fiddled while Rome burned) would bathe in the milk to embraces its stimulating effects.

Rhino Horn and Tiger Penis

Killing rhinos for their horns and tiger’s for their genitals is illegal, but it hasn’t stopped poachers from taking the lives of these strong beasts. On the black market, the horns of the rhino  and tiger parts (such as their penises) are sold to people that make medicinal treatments, including aphrodisiacs. For centuries, the wild animals are believed to offer body parts that stimulate and enhance the sexual ability of those who consume the remedies. In some parts of the world, the animal parts are marketed to those looking to end their impotence.