Get in the Mood ”“ Worldwide Aphrodisiacs III

From a growth associated with an insect to the oil that comes from one of the largest beasts of the sea, there are many interesting aphrodisiacs of the world. Some are meant to keep you going longer in the bedroom, while others simply help add a spark to the libido. In this article, you will encounter some of the different ways that people try to get in the mood.

Caterpillar Fungus

Who would have thought that the fungus of a caterpillar would possess an aphrodisiac reaction in people? In China, an Eastern aphrodisiac has been found in cordyceps (better known as caterpillar fungus or dong chong xia cao). This fungus is actually a parasite that infiltrates the brains of the caterpillar larvae and grows there until it eventually replaces the native tissue with its own. No one is for sure how someone figured out that the fungus was connected to enhancing the libido, but the mushroom has been regarded for centuries as improving matters in the bedroom. Today, people cultivate the fungus and it can be purchased for an inexpensive price.


In Asia, a popular dish served for the male wanting to get in the mood may consist of balut, which is a duck egg that contains a fetus. When served, the egg is boiled and is believed to deliver the same effect as the Viagra pill. After consuming the embryo or fetus, stimulation is thought to take place. When compared to the price of bird’s nest soup, the price of this dish is much cheaper to buy. Usually, the dish is served within its broken outer shell. The duck species is quite plentiful, so it is much easier for you to get your hands on this worldwide aphrodisiac.


When the whaling industry was in its early stages of history, the sperm whale offered a substance called ambergris, which was used in the making of perfume. The sweetness and potency of this substance was quite expensive to purchase. Whale oil became increasingly significant during the 18th and 19th centuries. When reading some Arabic texts, it is noted that whale oil possesses aphrodisiac properties. It is thought that the ambergris has the potential to jumpstart sexual excitement and promotes lasting power in the bedroom. It is pretty rare to get a hold of the substance as it is not easy to obtain.

What Exactly is Spanish Fly?

For many years, Spanish Fly has been linked to the aphrodisiac world ”“ even though it is potentially deadly to ingest. People who consume the remedy experience swollen genitals, itchiness and start to secrete a bloody discharge. The Spanish Fly is really a beetle that is crushed and eaten for the substance that it produces called cantharidin. When a human pees, the substance passes through their genitals, which causes the bodily reaction. However, some people overdo it and face fatal consequences, such as fever, convulsions and seizures that can take their life. The use of Spanish fly as a way of getting in the mood dates back to ancient Roman times.