Giants From the Past

Giants are well know in folklore and mythologies, but are they real? Are folklore just history to make sleep little children or afraid them and to fascinate people? Or are they based on true stories which have been transformed with time and memory. I suppose a combination of the two. Let say, if you see some gigantic humans one day, of course you will tell your friends and family what you saw and it will be so fantastic that you would want the next generation remembers. Some people will not accept until they see pictures or real facts, then it will be considered as a mythology. After all, what will think people in the future about our civilization? We indeed wrote lots of fun stories only made from human imagination, but will they still remind. Just compare the bible to Star Wars. Which one will live forever? Anyway Folklore can be based on true story and the story of Giant is one of them.

Indeed, the Giants existed in the past, along side with dinosaurs and was maybe our ancestor. Archaeologists found in several locations in the world, foot tracks and even bones which could only come from humans as 5 taller and larger than our average size. They have been dated from some millions years ago. It is possible that they lived with the Dinosaurs and the cataclysm which happened at this time killed them like the dinosaurs was killed. Only little beings or sea creatures survived. We mustn’t hide these facts and we must try to find an explanation. They were biped as we are, did they build cities and did they have civilizations? Maybe the Earth was too little for them? Maybe they didn’t live for a longtime? So many question come to mind.

Giants are described in folklore and mythologies as guardians or evil persons. The word Nephilim in the Bible can be interpreted as “coming from the sky” or “Giants”. And it is said that Nephilim are the god(s) who created humans. Are we their descendant or their product? If the gods told in many religions where these giants, we can understand how these stories still remain in people spirit. It would be so impressive. Giants are able to build big structures easily, but where are their houses? Did they come from space? If we put together all facts that we have, we could imagine that it is possible. Our past will still be a mystery but we mustn’t through out any possibilities